SAKORN IS the first TRD that I brought to America in 1994. Along with two other females, BENT and NUM NGERN, SAKORN was chosen by me at a very famous Thai Kennel outside of Bangkok in Samuthsakorn. Sakorn's father was the famous BULL, who you can see on the 10 baht postage stamp printed in 1993 .
Here you see Sarkorn's mother feeding his bothers and sisters who were also owned by the same Thai kennel in Samuthsakorn. BULL was owned by another famous Thai Kennel in Bangkok called Thai Silk Kennels, owned by the late Mr. Somsit Leelhausuwan.

Somsit helped me greatly in learning the history and the basic nature of this breed. I was never able to get a TRD from him as he died accidently in 1998. These three TRD were the basic start of the breed in America today.
Sakorn went on to be the number one TRD in America due to my showing him in numerous dog shows all over the United States. Most of my competition here in the states have a pup from SAKORN or his offspring.

SAKORN won his International Championship at the ripe old age of seven years from the International All Breed Canine Association of America on August 28th, 2000 at Featherly Park in Yorba Linda, California. His wonderful, beautiful, and very exceptional daughter, Sterling's Silver Poo-Nee, actually succeeded in beating him in every class that day. She proved to be the judges top choice as well. Sakorn has produced many winners across America. His story is still on-going and will be reported on over the upcoming years. We all hope to see Sakorn and his offspring kicking around for many years to come.

Sakorn wants to thank all of you folks out there who are now caring for his "TRD children" across the world. We will continue to bring you great stories of Sakorn pups and their owners to enlighten as many people about his breed - "the Royal Dog of Thailand" - The Thai Ridgeback Dog.

At right side is Sakorn at the International show in California last August, where he won International Champion.

SAKORN wins first place... in his division in New Jersey at a Union County AKC fun match in the spring of 1998.