The reason is simple, I produce the very finest temperaments you will ever find...

On March 15th, 1994, I traveled to Thailand to discover the Thai Ridgeback Dog.
This is when I decided to call them simply the "TRD" which is short for the Thai Ridgeback Dog. Ever since that date everyone across the world has followed my lead, some people have copied my written text, some has gone so far as to "borrow" some of my photos without my permission as well and then tried to offer you a TRD that they think will be right for you. If you want the very best in this me!

Just key in your cell phone my number... 011-66-81-716-0420 to dial out of
America and Canada is 011- Thailand's code is 66- my number is 81-716-0420
Or SKYPE ME at joining the SKYPE now owned by EBAY...(I wonder why?? LOL)
(that is a simple download in your computer and it is FREE.. look for jacksterlingtrd)

House of Sakorn-Sterling TRD proudly had the first litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies--whelped on May, 19th 1994 in San Francisco, CA. USA. Being the first breeder in North America, I had carefully incorporated three bloodlines to produce Thai dogs of top quality with no deviation from the standard.

If you really want the very best TRD for the show ring or just a pet dog, please contact me as soon as you are ready for the most awesome dog you will ever share life with THE THAI RIDGEBACK DOG....

Ask anyone who owns a STERLING TRD and about how hard we work for them to give them the best we can in, a loving and obedient TRD puppy. Also giving them the total feeling of trust and loving are of each and every STERLING TRD puppy all the way from our new home in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand to their homes
here in Thailand, America, Canada, Mexico....
We will always be there for everyone long after the puppy arrives in their new homes. Our "Customer list" is on another page at this site.
You are all welcome to come visit us and all our STERLING TRD here in Chiang Mai, Thailand any day of the week...rain or shine 7 days a week...
throughout the entire year... My gates is always open.. to everyone who wants to see all my dogs.. No appointment is needed.. drop by anytime..

RED & BLACK TRD prices start at from...$100 to $1500
BLUE & FAWN TRD prices start at from ...$500 to $2500
And all the older TRD who need good new "re-homes" are FREE to $300 

You really should get a webcam and a MSN/HOTMAIL or a YAHOO address/passports to view them and speak with me. This is the ONLY way I want to sell my TRD from now on to anyone. And also down load SKYPE at you will thank me for this "tip" as you will not believe the money you will save.
This is a simple request of everyone who are serious about buying a STERLING TRD puppy or getting a older STERLING TRD that need a new "forever home" and the best way for you to see me in person and for me to see and speak to you as well... This way you can see what you are getting.

STERLING TRD is the standard in BLUES, REDS, BLACKS and now FAWNS... you can bet on that!!
Remember, I started the TRD breed off in America in April 1994... prior to that the breed was never been in America. The very first breeding was in May 1995.
That litter was the actual FIRST "bred by and born in America litter".. The very first litter "born" in America was actually bred in Thailand by a very famous Thai RED stud called RADAR and the BLUE dam was called BENT. She was imported in March 25th to San Francisco, CA and her very first litter was whelped on May 19th 1994 in San Francisco, CA.
Who do you think gave the breed it name...."TRD"...Yup! It was my idea that I gave to this breed on March 15th 1994...while I was sitting having a ice tea with the late great BLUE TRD breeder Somsit Leelhausuwan.. It was Somsit who told me all the FACTS about the TRD...
And these are the real FACTS...MSN, Gmail, SKYPE, or Yahoo messengers are the very best way to buy or sell a
puppy online. You can actually see what you are getting this way...