Amanda Bell and George Williams of Ashland City, Tennessee gets a second male TRD puppy they will call "Major Kalahan"

Amanda L Bell Major Kalahan

Hello Jack and Jeab,

My husband and I began a search for a TRD over a year ago. After a bad experience with a local TRD owner who tried to call herself a breeder, we found Jack who in fact sold her some of her dogs. His knowledge of the breed as well as his experience and reputation in producing quality dogs insured is that he was the one we wanted our dog to come from.

Jack and Jeab kept in touch with us through the whole process from the birth of the litter until our pup Major Kalahan got on the plane to Tennessee. They did a great job exposing him to other animals and he has the sweetest and kindest disposition. We were a little anxious about how our existing dogs would acclimate to him, but his personality enabled him to fit right in. There is no doubt we made the right choice in getting Major from Jack because of his Thai partner Miss Jeab as she was the main reason why both pups had just awesome personalities. We would highly recommend anyone considering s TRD to talk to them first. Thank you both so very very much for breeding such a superior dog,

Amanda L Bell