Missing Apple Pie

The dog was seen being walked by two young men in their early twenties. The real owners believe he was taken in by these two men and they are not returning him. Call it how you see it..stolen?? or found and.... they are saying ''finders keepers losers weepers!" Somewhere in that area of Westerville, Ohio my dog is sitting in a home that the people are not responding to all the signs up about this lost TRD. If by chance you two guys who have my dog just happen to read this page I suggest you contact me via a email and I will give you another TRD if you return Mai Apple Pie back to his rightful owers. No questions asked...

To whom it may concern

Anyone wanting to obtain a Thai Ridgeback needs to know a few things. First these dogs are very energetic and need a place to burn off the energy, tall fenced in yard, 6 foot or more due to the fact that they can jump pretty high. Second these dogs need attention, love and caring to become a devoted pet, they can be around other dogs, cats if they are trained properly, other animals beware a Thai is a hunting breed. Once you due the above and more these dogs are a devoted breed and a protective breed and make a very good pets, but they are devoted to one person in the house more they others so understand this, it doesn't mean that they are not attached to all in the family but they will pick out one to be more devoted to.

Now if you obtain one of Jack Sterling's Thai ridgeback you will need to know that it is very important to be in LA to meet your dog when it comes through customs and you will need to go to the US customs office after you get the paperwork from the Thai customs and then go back to the Thai customs to pick up your dog. DO NOT OPEN THE DOG CAGE UNTIL YOU ARE IN A CLOSE SPACE WITH SHUT DOORS THAT CAN NOT BE PUSHED IN, BECAUSE YOU'RE DOG HAS BEEN IN THIS CAGE FOR 30 HOURS OR SO AND WANTS OUT AND WILL BE SCARED AND NEEDS TO USE THE FACILITIES. I rented a Big SUV so I could shut and lock the doors open the cage and get a leash on and then got him outside so he could relieve himself get water and food, make sure you hand on tight to the leash and do not use a retractable leash, a 6 foot heavy leash and wrap it around your wrist / hand Also your dog will need attention, food, bath and love and care it is the time that you will bond with your pet, this is very important and you need to take it seriously. There are hotels near the airport that will allow pets so stay close and enjoy your new pet.

If you do not want to go to LA to meet your pet then I would suggest that you need to look at a different breed for your pet. It needs to be done for the dogs sake and yours to bond and take care of your Thai Ridgeback dog.

Eugene Cellentani

Lost TRD... in the Westerville, Ohio area... This couple LOST their totally beautiful blue male born on January 18th 2012 only a few weeks ago.. both are totally in tears each day over ths accident. Please help if you can to find MAI APPLE PIE... there is a reward for his safe return.


We have not given up my wife has just sent for 600 more flyers to distribute and we keep posting him on web sites, calling shelters, dog wardens, animal control, but our hearts are broken and we kick ourselves for letting this happen. Everything is ready at the house for Apple when he returns, fence is up his bed and dishes are there waiting for him, we are waiting for him, we want him back so very much, I do not understand how I got attached to Apple so much in the little time that I was with him, but I did. Before we got Apple and were talking about which Thai that we wanted from you I told my wife that I wanted Apple and she ask me why and I told her I don't know but there was something about Apple that I connected with through his pictures. When I was in LA getting him ready to fly home it broke my heart to have to put him in the cage again and I feel Apple knew this because I stayed with him until they took him to ship and his cage was ty-wrapped closed and the last thing he did was lick my fingers that I placed though the cage door when I said to him that mom was going to meet him at home and I would be there later.

I really do not know what to say about Apple getting away from us except to let people know that you really need to pay attention to your pet at all times, hold on to them and like you said that for the first month or more they stay at the house only and you bond with your dog.