What's for sale? as of November 2015

We still have 8 TRD older puppies and young adults are what's left from the litters we have bred in 2013, 2014, and 2015. From Cathy at 10 months to Suthep at 26 months. All are discounted to a price anyone can afford... $300 plus the cost of a cage and shipping. Call me in SKYPE to make this happen. Any puppy going out of here as a "pet" will be spayed or fixed before leaving if you want me to do for you at no extra charge to you.

Shipping a TRD to the USA is very simple and it takes 24 hours from my home in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand to Bangkok, a 1 hour flight and then in a few hours the pup is flown to Korea in a 6 hour flight for re-fueling of the aircraft and the an 11 hour flight to LAX in the USA... About 6-7 hours on the ground in all 4 airports just in the "waiting mode." ... In all it is about 25 hours in the airline crate. When shipping to the east coast of the USA then the flight is going east from Thailand over the Himalayas into Europe flying from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Frankfurt or Amsterdam and then on to Toronto, NY, DC, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami. Thanks for reading.

Here is our second "BLUE" litter of 2015
Photo #1 was taken at only a few hours and photo #2 was taken at 3 days.

We have 8 blue puppies (6 males and 2 females) whelped on August 30th
and they can ship out on December 31st. So far, 2 are spoken for..

Our current blue TRD puppies are now 17 days old. We have 8 blue puppies (6 males and 2 females) that were whelped on August 30th and they can be ship out on December 31st. Please fill out the contact form on this site. Pay a deposit if you want 1 of these puppies at years end.