Do you want to breed your show or breed quality female TRD ??

The breeding cycle of this breed is in most cases only once a year. When a female comes into her first "heat cycle"
(or in doggie lingo her "estrus") The very first "estrus" is about the 8th month. PLEASE do not breed your female TRD that early. Wait at least a full 2 years before you decide to breed your breed or show quality female TRD. If you do not plan to breed your female you can have her "spayed" or fixed to not reproduce at about the 6th to 12th month. 

All depends on you and what you want to do. Breeding a TRD is a very big decision for sure as it is extremely time consuming after the 3-4 week after the dam (mother) wants to stop feeding the pups and your job now kicks in. After you start feeding your puppies this will last until you find homes for them. Try to line up buyers before you actually breed them as I know all too well how difficult it is to sell this breed to the right people. 

This is not an easy breed to sell with 100's or 1000's of people wanting them. The TRD is extremely rare to the general public today and finding the right sort of buyer is not easy. Be ready to say NO to many of those wannabe buyers thinking it is a way to make money. I have a age limit of no one under 25 since most are not mature enough handle a TRD and no one over 65 cuz they are just too old to really handle a TRD. Once you discover the nature of what a TRD puppy is like alone and then again with it's siblings.. most first time breeders say these two words..
NEVER AGAIN. They are a handful for sure and many cannot handle the fighting between the siblings or any other puppy. 

This is why I always say... 
Think before you buy a TRD if you can handle one... These are jungle dogs and now a "watered down" mix bred or domestic breed you are aware of..