To whom it may concern, 

My name is Shane Nowak and I live in the state of Colorado... Here is my story..

This is the first night with our new puppy and she's laying in her crate next to me after her last meal of the day. I also work from home so I'll be here in terms of training and taking care of her. My pups name was formerly Aoi, and we named her Indigo, a Blue TRD from Jeab and Jack. So months ago I filled out a contact card and a prompt response came from them. We emailed, talked once on the phone, and Skype messaged throughout these last few months, and I never had any issues with prompt communication. 

I originally chose Pemai, but with Mr. Sterling's expert advice, we finally chose Aoi. She has a timid, submissive personality, and I'm taking things slow and at her pace as Mr. Sterling advised. 

So money-wise, I went through my bank (Chase) to enroll in a Wire Transfer, in which I paid them in Thailand. It'll take a few days, maybe a week, if you go through the way I did. 

After securing the payment to them and choosing a pup, Jack and Jeab took pictures and videos every few weeks or when requested. I asked many times about the demeanor and temperament of the pup and had a response from Mr. Sterling in a very quick time. He will be very straightforward and to the point with the response, which is always better than beating around the bush. 

I flew to LAX to pick up my pup and stayed at the airport overnight until the early morning flight. I met Ryan and his girlfriend, whom drove from the east coast, at Thai Air Cargo. Ryan secured the pups and crates with help from his friend who drove with them. The pups were in secure crates with an attached water bottle, shredded newspaper, a harness, and a few chew bones. The pups were very nervous, but I stayed calm and used a treat to get Indigo out and secured to a leash I brought. She took to me after I spent an hour or two walking and gaining trust right there in the parking lot while chatting with the other dog owners ( another couple came to pick up a pup ). They eventually took off and I got a taxi back to the airport where I waited in baggage area until the next day. Throughout the night she was walked, and fed 4 hours before the flight. Then Delta Special Services took her and the crate to the plane and the rest is history. 

It was a very unique way to receive a pet, but my fiancee and I were set on a TRD and there weren't really any that I've seen researching that look as proportionate and beautiful as his. 

Hope this helps and I'm here if you need any more info or have any questions.

- Shane, Nicole and Indigo