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If you are interested in acquiring a puppy, or if you have any questions regarding this rare and beautiful breed, please feel free to contact us anytime by emailing us @

All of our TRD are shipped at the 4th month due to Thai Animal control and the USDA rules on shipping any puppy direct from Thailand most countries. Shipping to the UK, the EU and the northern European countries must have a blood test performed at the 4th month for the rabies vaccine and then shipped 90 days after the test us done and is positive for the rabies vaccine. Do not be fooled by some others who make false claims or try to copy my lead. Baan Sakorn TRD are bred for the pet owners best interests in mind. Most people want just a pet #1 and are not interested in high dollar show quality dogs. Most breeders will have both top of the line show pups as well as just simple pet quality pups. Tell me what you want and need in your TRD... a male or a female, what quality, and what color as well. Name your price range and we will be able to fulfill your needs for sure.

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Location of Baan Sakorn
latitude: 18.67629687980741 longitude: 98.97651004580325

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Jack Sterling 1995
I want to take this time to personally thank all of my TRD buyers over the past 20 years in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. I also want to thank all of those folks who chose to buy from those same Sterling TRD buyers/breeders who chose to re-produce my finely bred Sterling TRD in the entire world today... The list of buyers and breeders is so vast and much too long to post here. I hope I can create a new page giving them the credit as well in promoting this wonderful breed of dog. 

Thank you all again in my 20th year in the TRD breed.
Jack Sterling 2014
Jack Sterling 2005

We are vary aware of the slander that has been created in 2007 by those who felt is was the only way to compete with Jack Sterling TRD. If you look closely is is all "one sided" and is done mostly by other so called "Greeder Breeders" who felt a good way to try to insult and slander the guy who got most people started in the TRD breed. If you all look closely at the way many of these people act and perform with one another you will see why we do not want to be apart of and so called TRD group on line today. We do not advocate any group, club, or online Facebook page except our own.

2007 - 2017
A lot of new beautiful Jack Sterling TRD has been produced here at Baan Sakorn TRD in the past decade since those few jealous and somewhat crazy women decided to attack me and tried to drive me out of the TRD breeding business. That was their main objective and the failed to do so. In 2007 I had just turned 60 years young and my desire for a better TRD was still being done. Over the past TEN YEARS I am now looking at 70 years young and with the help of some really good people I have been able to create the very best in the TRD breed and many many of you out there have them today..

Here are a few of those TRD.