Emails about buying a TRD

I got this one today June 19th 2014...

I am really interested in this breed, what are your demands on buyer's?. I am located in Sweden, in a house with a big backyard and in a part of Sweden where there's no problem taking a walk in the woods on a daily basis. Personally I am a Palestinian, born in Sweden, and are at this time of me life studying criminology. I must say, your experience is impressive and I would be honored to buy one of your puppies. I need it to be a family dog, but would still be in good guilty for breeding a blue male and be delivered when he is around 4 months. I am willing to spend between 600-700 dollars. If you want to talk to me or web cam I have no problems!. Cheers.

Okay, I have no idea if this is a man or a woman but for sure we know they live in Sweden. The amount they want to spend would cover the cost of a blood test and a cage maybe. They would need the cost of shipping at the 7-8 month plus the boarding fee for 3 months of boarding before we can ship. Also the cost of the TRD. Figure in all for the TRD ($500-$2000), blood test & micro chipping and vet work here and vet work in Sweden ($500), the 90 boarding fee ($900), the cage for a TRD at the 7-8 month ($250), and the shipping via Thai Air Cargo ($650)... From $2800-$4300. When I told this person via a return email what they really had to spend, I got no reply at all back. Not even a thanks but no thanks email.