House of Sakorn-Sterling TRD

Proudly had the very first litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies on May 19th 1994 in San Francisco, CA. USA. Being the first real hobby breeder in North America, I carefully incorporated three bloodlines to produce Thai Ridgeback Dogs of top quality with no deviation from the standard. I have always been a hobby breeder over 40 years.
Here are some of the definitions of the different kinds of dog people out there. Beware of them and also of those people who love to slander the leaders in any breed new or old.
Here are the Dog Owner's Guide's definitions to help you decide who is who:

[1] The Hobby breeder:

This is the what most dog show and self-respecting people are. A breed fancier who usually has only one breed but may have two; follows a breeding plan in efforts to preserve and protect the breed; produces from none to five litters per year; breeds only when a litter will enhance the breed and the breeding program; raises the puppies with plenty of environmental and human contact; has a contract that protects breeder, dog, and buyer; runs a small, clean kennel; screens breeding stock to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed; works with a breed club or kennel club to promote and protect the breed; and cares that each and every puppy is placed in the best home possible.

[2] The Commercial breeder:

One who usually has several breeds of dogs with profit as the primary motive for existence. The dogs may be healthy or not and the kennel may be clean or not. The dogs are probably not screened for genetic diseases, and the breeding stock is probably not selected for resemblance to the breed standard or for good temperament. Most commercial breeders sell their puppies to pet stores or to brokers who sell to pet stores.

[3] The Puppy Broker:

One who buys puppies from commercial kennels and sells to retail outlets. Brokers ship puppies by the crate-load on airlines or by truckload throughout the country. Brokers must be licensed by USDA and must abide by the shipping regulations in the Animal Welfare Act.

[4] The Buncher:

These people make me sick because they are the ones who collects dogs of unknown origin for sale to laboratories or other bunchers or brokers. Bunchers are considered lower on the evolutionary scale than puppy mill operators, for there is much suspicion that they buy stolen pets, collect pets advertised as "Free to a good home", and adopt unwanted pets from animal shelters for research at veterinary colleges or industrial research laboratories.

[5] The Backyard Breeder:

These are the real idiots in any breed...A dog owner whose pet either gets bred by accident or who breeds on purpose for a variety of reasons. This breeder is usually ignorant of the breed standard, genetics, behavior, and good health practices. A backyard breeder can very easily become a commercial breeder or a puppy mill.

[6] The Puppy Mill:

This a poor excuse of a breeder who produces puppies hand over fist with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. A puppy mill may or may not be dirty but it is usually overcrowded and the dogs may be neglected or abused because the breeder can't properly handle as many dogs as he has. Puppy mill operators often denigrate hobby breeders and their dogs in attempts to make a sale.