How did it all begin?


This is where all my BLUE TRD started from. This TRD was what got most people inspired in the late 1980's and early 1990's. SAKORN is a son of this BLUE male they called "BULL" (which was actually pronounced BLUE.. it was just the way the Thai spelled it back then). 

After I saw "BULL" in person at the Mr Somsit Leehausuan's home/kennel called THAI SILK which was located on Moo 71 just off the Sukumvit Road in Bangkok in March of 1994... I knew I had to get involved with this breed. I promised Mr. Somsit that I would do my best to promote this breed as long as I could in America and eventually around the world with my website. Unfortunately Mr. Leehausuwan passed away at a very young age in his mid 40's from a accident in his home. His passing will not be forgotten. I give tribute to him and all the work he had done with the breed with this great and famous photo of THAI SILK'S BULL (Blue).

Today, you can find a Baan Sakorn TRD all over the world.. We have our TRD in Thailand, USA, Hawaii, Alaska and 35 other states, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, La Re Union near Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and now most recent in El Salvador in Central America

This photo was taken in 1997 at the boat lake in Central Park in NYC.
And everyone kept asking that same question over and over..

What Kind Of Dog Is That??
Now how about another question...
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