Our last litter of TRD puppies was RED...

On September 24th our lovely RED female we call "BLACKFACE" with the help of our SUPER RED male "TONY QUO VADIS" gave up a litter of 6 RED puppies om September 5th 2013. After about 4 days, we sadly lost two pups, a boy and a girl. But at 5 weeks we were contacted by a Mr. Otto Atkins of Gainsville, Florida who came to Thailand to pick out the only female puppy in person and carry her home in the cabin of the plane at 8 weeks. His detailed testimonial he sent on 05 Dec 2013 is below for you to read. We still have 3 males for sale and they can be shipped to you at their 4th month on January 24, 2014. A puppy being shipped to any country outside of Thailand must have a rabies vaccine given at the 3rd month and a 30 day wait period must go by before any puppy can be shipped alone. A microchip is planted in the shoulders of all pups by out vet and a health record plus the KCTH papers will accompany all of our TRD puppies. Shipping to Europe and the UK, AUS, Japan and most all island nations have a much different set of rules. The second male puppy was sold to Vince and Holly Stofa who live and work at the US Embassy in Bangkok until next fall 2014 when the return back to the USA.

We had 3 RED male puppies... 2 were sold and maybe we will keep the #1 SUPER RED male puppy as his old grandpa TONY QUO VADIS will be retired...

#3 the smallest male ... is being held for another Danish expat Michael
as who's TRD recently passed away.

Now, read his detailed testimonial he sent me today 05 Dec 2013:

Hello Jack and Jeab of Baan Sakorn TRD,

I first would like to apologize for taking so long to formally thank you both. You both were a great help to me in your assisting to my needs of making my journey from Gainesville Fl. to Thailand a good one. My fiance told me check your website out online www.ThaiDog.com. I figured why not after having not much luck with another person claiming to be a so called TRD breeder located here in the USA .

When I logged onto your website I thought, "Hey now this guy has what I am looking for !" So, I emailed you straight away. Then to my great surprise you in turn emailed me in response withing minutes. And we are on opposite sides of the globe. Twelve hours apart! You response was a possitive YES we have available.

After corresponding with you and finding out that you did currently have in very young puppies, I wanted one a pup as young as I could get one. You said 4 months was as young as you can sell them if you were going to ship the pup alone. But if I went to see you in person, you could sell me a pup as young as 8 weeks. Then I could carry the said chosen pup in a bag with me in the cabin of the plane. I thought that was a great idea so I decided to go to Thailand to pick up the new red female puppy from you directly. I began making arrangements for my trip to Thailand with your help. Of course, I make a mistake on the first booking and you suggested Korean or Thai Airways. Korean was quite a bit less than Thai Air who you said was the very best. I booked my flight as soon as possible and left Florida for Thailand on 11/6/13. But as I began the long trip from New York to Korea I felt Korean Airlines was also very good choice even though it was a 36 hour flight.

I was in awe from the moment I arrived at Korean Air in NYC JFK. Everything was upscale even in economy from Boarding to landing. When I arrived in Bangkok Miss Jeab was right there waiting with her phone in her hand. I did now know until I finally arrived how much they did care about my well being. Jeab was communicating with my fiance and Jack during my entire flight to Asia. After I met Miss Jeab she made arrangements for me in a nearby hotel where I stayed for one night only and then she went to her mothers home which was nearby the airport. The next morning Miss Jeab came to pick me up at the hotel and we tried to book a flight to Chiang Mai but all were fully books for it was a Friday that I arrive and I soon discovered many many people were all trying to get to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand about 500 miles. She then suggested a ride in a very big bus to Chiang Mai where she and Jack reside.

We arrived very late that night my second day in Thailand to a very spacious house and I was still tired from the day before, so Jack insisted that I stay at his house get some rest . The next morning Jack took me on a tour of his land. I was very impressed on what he had done to once just a open plot of land with a lot of trees.

This is when I got to see and meet the TRD breed for the very 1st time. Let me tell you is was awesome what they have there and the dogs looked so beautiful. The TRD's are housed in a spacious kennel were they have plenty of room to run around. The TRD are well kept & look very healthy .

Jack handed me my red female pup and I was in love. She is perfect to this day .

Jack & Jeab's TRD all are micro chipped before leaving the kennel and were all up to date with vaccinations plus thoroughly examined by their vet. They also made sure all the paperwork for the pup to be transported back to the U.S was done . I could see that they take very good care of their TRD. Jack had made arrangements for me to stay at a nearby resort ,that was walking distance to their place. The resort was simply beautiful and Jack got me a great reduced price .

Everyday Jack & Jeab took me some place different . Jack really extended his courtesy and made sure I was comfortable. We went to all the tourist attractions & great restaurants . Being a vegan I genuinely appreciate Jack and Jeab going out of their way for me .

I would recommend Jack Sterling and Jeab Chobngan to anyone looking for a high quality TRD . I'd also like to say the trip to Thailand is well worth the time you have to take in getting the real feeling of who they are and dispel any negative rumors about Jack Sterling TRD that is posted on the internet.

I feel that it is much better to bring your new TRD puppy back with you personally rather than shipping it. In my opinion it is more humane and the experience is so beautiful in Thailand.

I arrived back in the USA on 11/16/13 . In just a few words I would describe my 9 day trip to Thailand as totally one of the best trips of my life and very ...very fruitful.

Otto Atkins

Hi Jack I hope everything's going well with you . As for your girl MahKam . She's doing great as you know she just turned 1 yrs old. Jack you should be very proud of your ThaiRidgebacks . We " Otto & I " are very happy with MahKam . She's great & always getting compliments on her beauty . MahKam is a class act lol she's such a lady . She loves to go for her morning runs . Yes ! She's highly energetic & loves to play . She keeps Otto & I on our toes lol . Otto & I love seeing photos of all your ThaiRidgebacks especially your most recent litters . As always best wishes take care Jack.