Our last 4 litters of 2015... 

In the year 2015, we bred four different females: Sugar, Sinatra, Sabrina and Precious We used our two main studs: Mr.Winner #1 on Mai Sugar, Mai Sinatra & Mai Precious and Sakorn XX on Mai Sabrina.

Litter #1 is "The Girls Who Loved Me" by Mai Sugar bred by Mr. Winner and the result was SEVEN pups on January 25th 2015... 5 BLUE/2 FAWN ... 2 males and 5 females. 

Mai Sugar... Mr. Winner... Their pups...
Tina is available FOR SALE  Donna is available FOR SALE Cathy is available FOR SALE 

Litter #2 was "The TRD Rat Pack" by Mai Sinatra bred by Mr. Winner and that result was EIGHT pups ... All BLUE ... 6 males and 2 females. 
(1) Humphrey Bogart was SOLD to Matthew Buchannan in Georgia, USA
(2) Frank Sinatra was SOLD to Omar Hagrass in Cairo, Egypt. 
(3) Peter Lawford was SOLD to Rita Minissi in NY, USA 
(4) Dean Martin 
was SOLD to Bonnie Boyko in Edmonton, Canada
(5) Lauren Bacall was SOLD to Krisy Martin in OR, USA
Sammy Davis was SOLD to Illya Svirida in Regina, Canada
(7) Joey Bishop is available FOR SALE
(8) Judy Garland is available FOR SALE

Mai Sinatra... Mr. Winner... Their pups...

Litter #3 was "The Rainbow" by Mai Sabrina bred by Mai Sakorn XX and that result was FIVE pups ...
1 Red male, 2 Black males, and 2 Red females. All FIVE pups are still available FOR SALE. This litter can ship in the month of March 2016.

Mai Sabrina... Mai Sakorn XX... Their pups...

Litter #4 was "Super Blues" by Mai Precious and Mr. Winner and this result was 6 pups on the 8th of November and 2 more the next day. 24 hours apart.. A total of 4 males and 4 females.

(1) Bacho a blue female was SOLD James Campbell in USA.
(2) Lucy a blue female was SOLD to Kevin Kollmeyer in USA.
(3) Apollo a blue male was SOLD to Travis Rickett in USA.
(4) (Name?) a blue male was SOLD Scott Jackson in Thailand.
(5) Blue a blue male was SOLD to Freddy Wolenski in Thailand.
(6) (Name?) a blue male was SOLD Benjamin Furtado in Canada.
(7) Bonnie a blue female is available FOR SALE
(8) Rita a blue female is available 

This leaves us with 2 blue females to sell along with 2 black males, 1 red male, and 2 red females who are all ready to ship to to you where ever you live as well.

Mai Precious... Mr. Winner... Their pups...