We purchased Lola a fawn TRD from Jack and if you are looking to purchase a TRD, I would only recommend purchasing one from Jack and Jeab. Some of the things I liked about Jeab and Jack were the amount of time they spent with the dogs and the many pictures and videos they would take of Lola. I received pictures almost daily- from Lola's birth to her last day with Jeab right before taking the plane.

My situation was a little different from most peoples. At the time I purchased Lola, I was living in France and I was going to spend my vacation in Thailand before moving to Canada permanently to join my wife. I had a very busy itinerary in Thailand which included a visit to Jack and Jeab's breeding farm to meet Lola. This was the first time I met Lola. I really enjoyed spending time with Lola and getting to know her. At night, Jack showed us around Chiang Mai and brought us to a couple restaurants.

Normally Jack and Jeab will ship the TRDs at 4 months so that the dog will be better socialized to its new environment. However, since I was moving to Canada right after my vacation in Thailand, I asked Jack if he could keep Lola for two extra weeks.

Last year, Thai Cargo did not go to Canada. The nearest airport to Toronto was Los Angeles (LAX). This created another problem since I needed someone to pick up Lola at LAX for a day, feed her, provide her with a place to sleep and then have her shipped to Toronto the following day. This turned out to be complicated because I paid a broker to take care of Lola in Los Angeles and at the last minute, they cancelled on us.

Once again, Jack and Jeab were following the course of our events and wanted to ensure that Lola would arrive safely to our home. They also wanted to ensure that someone would be there to pick up Lola at the Los Angeles airport so they recommended a friend of theirs that could help us.

After all of these events, exchanging dozens of e-mails, making numerous phone calls, we picked up Lola safe and sound in Toronto, Canada.

I've written all this to say, that Jack and Jeab love what they do and even more so the TRD they breed. They take very good care of them and ensure they arrive to their new homes safely and even once the dog is in your possession, they will e-mail you to see how your dog is doing. Once again, thank you Jack and Jeab.