This is from our newest TRD buyer Mark Anzil fin Florida... Read what Mark has to say about his 3 TRD.. #1 is a 12 year old blue TRD he calls KING who lives with his daughter Vanessa, Mai Miss Bonniie who lives with another daughter Karissi, and his newly arrived SUPER RED male Mai Mo'Dang...

The problem with buying a TRD for your baby girl, Vanessa Anzil is when she moves out, the dog goes with her. We had King shipped from Thailand back in 2005. He was a handful, hell, two handfuls but totally worth it! My oldest daughter Karissa Anzil just got Bonnie and what a beauty! SO, I didn't want to feel left out and when I saw the video that Jeab Chobngan took of Mo Dang and Jet Jackson Sterling, I fell in love. Something about him, I just can't explain....he is so perfect. When you deal with Jack and Jeab you will be sure they will take the time to be sure that you will be receiving the right dog for your family. King is perfectly matched with Vanessa, Bonnie is perfectly matched with Karissa and now I am truly happy with Mo can't ask for more than that.
Karissi Anzil of the Toronto Canada area just picked up her TRD we just sent to her Mai Miss Bonnie .. She says, "I AM SO IN LOVE!" And yes, Mark Anzil of Florida is her father.

I feel like I might spontaneously combust! For the first time in my life I am truly happy. I have amazing family and friends (some of which I have only met this year and have already changed my life), the best job in the world and I have the pleasure of coming home to some pretty awesome kids and the most amazing sister. To top it all I was blessed with having my heart stolen by the sweetest puppy ever! Bonnie officially made it home...and she is absolutely perfect! I truly feel like I am where I am supposed to be!