MARKUS bought two RED TRD last January.

Hello Jeab and hello Jack,

I am sorry I have not back to you about the two puppies I bought from you last January, but as you know the time is running by quickly. 

My wife and I want to say thank you so very much for these two beautiful puppies we bought from you last January. The puppies are now six months and they feel very happy here in South Thailand. Two brothers are sometime a handful, but they are already a part of our family.

Do you remember those three days in January, when I came to Chiang Mai to see Jeab and you at your dog farm? It was very interesting to look behind the curtain of a top breeder and to see how much work you guys have. You both are simply amazing people and the way you both care for all your dogs is truly remarkable.  I can say all that negative crap I read about is not and could not be you or even close. It looks to be the working of only some hateful competition. You really helped me out as well with all the Cargo and Airport things, so I can really honestly recommend you as a serious and professional Thai Ridgeback Dog breeder to anyone reading this. 

Thank you both,

Opor and Markus

Our buyer of two wonderful RED TRD

And are two of our RED pups from last year's breeding of RED TRD.

Hello Jead and Jack,

i hope everything is all right in Chiang Mai. Yesterday
we had the one year birthday of the two good boys from
you and as you can see they feel very well and getting big.
The big boy have 33 kilo and the smaller 27 kilo.

So take care and i hope to see you again soon for the buffet
at the german restaurant.