Baan Sakorn TRD owners around the world:

We have shipped our TRD all over the world to Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, El Salvador, La ReUnion Island, Guam, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Russia, and all over Thailand... plus over 500 different people to the USA over 21 years.. some people 2-3 times..

In Asia and the Middle east:  (Straight flights, no waiting time at all)
Tran Duc Hieu & "Magic" in Vietnam 
Nouf Al-Bahar & "Kaleesi" and "Gaddice" in Kuwait 
Omar Hagrass & 
"Frank Sinatra" in Egypt 

The people you see below had to wait a 90 days after a rabies blood test was done at the 4th month.

Christel Oleson and "Nitnoy" in Denmark 
Pierre Bergstrom and "JOE" in Sweden 

Valentina Varjacic and 
"Miss Mae" in Italy 
Tanya McDowall and "Miss Mai" in Austraia 
Michelle MacKay and "Sakorn 17" in New Zealand 

Barry Fenwick and "Elvis" plus "Precious" in the UK 
Kees Van Wingerden and "Winner 2" plus "Navinee 2" in Holland