Taking a puppy home in the cabin of a plane at 7 weeks

The very best way is to come here and buy your puppy and then fly home with you puppy in a bag over your shoulder until you get inside the plane and then put the bag under your seat you requested at a "bulkhead" position near a WC in whatever class you are flying in. Then after the take off you can pull out the puppy in the bag and gently put the puppy on your lap and enjoy the flight. If the pup tend to fidget a wee bit and it seems to want to "pee or poo"... you just get up and walk to a free WC and let the pup do its business. You can easily clean up any mess and then walk back to your seat. The pup will sleep basically all the way. The day before that actually flight I suggest you stay in your room and just do a "practice run" so to speak by hanging out in your room for the 11 hour flight and see what the pup is going to do during that time. Then you know what to expect the next day during the actually flight. The flight time and the waiting on the ground is this: You get a lift to the Chiang Mai airport by us. You then board the flight and the pup goes as luggage. You get the pup in BKK and then wait for your flight to the USA. You board that flight and will fly to Korea to refuel the aircraft. That is about 6 hours with an hour on the ground. Then the third flight is to LAX or where ever you flew out of. To LAX is about 11 hours. The pup is in your control at all times. Figure about 25 hours in all. Water is easily gotten and a couple of chicken sandwiches is legal to carry. The trip is so easy and your bonding with the pup is forever.