Two new inquirers responds to Kevin: 

Hello Kevin, 

I am interested in a TRD. I lost my blue female last year to cancer and am ready to start again. I am aware that most litters come in November and am just starting my search. I begin a masters degree in fall without having to work, so that would be the ideal time for a puppy. Do you have a website? I was referred to you by Jack Sterling. I have found a few other breeders since I found out my previous one is no longer in business. I live in San Jose and would love to have a conversation about this. 

thank you, Clint 

Kevin replies to Clint: 

Hi Clint, 

I'm a proud owner of a Sterling TRD--not a breeder. I can tell you that our family is most satisfied with our TRD, which was sent to us by Jack from Thailand. We drove to Los Angeles International to pick up the dog. If you choose this method, be most careful, these dogs are smart but after 24 hours in flight they are unpredictable and have been known to escape, with dire consequences. 

Jack has published many of our TRD stories on his website, so most questions can be answered by thorough reading. 

We love our "Mr. Big." I totally appreciate why you wish to find a quality TRD. Consider importing one the #1 source--Baan Sakorn TRD. You won't find a more dedicated breeder. 

~Kevin Sarkki 

Mike Stokes of San Bruno, CA writes a email to me about buying a TRD. I CC'ed Kevin. Kevin responded with this "gem" of literary genius... 


I drive transit buses for SamTrans. One of my routes (#140) passes your neighborhood... small world, eh? 

As for an intimate meet and greet with our TRD, sorry, we cherish our privacy. But I can upload some recent videos to YouTube if you want to see how our TRD interacts with the family and others pets. 

As Jack has pointed out on his website, the TRD is not for everyone. Many people simply do not wish to be a servant to an animal. What I mean is, and I am speaking strictly of our unique experience with our TRD, this dog is the King of Dogs, it is royalty, and requires treatment unlike some other breeds. 

People behave differently in the presence of presidents, popes, and other potentates, because they ascribe extraordinary powers to them. Frankly, these individuals may not deserve such attention, but their station in life has an aura of supremacy, so much so that wholesale respect is granted them--even if they are difficult to coexist with. Likewise, the TRD requires a different mindset as well. 

I know I am rambling here, but I suspect many of the TRDs that end up in rescue, or other unfortunate circumstances, have been misunderstood by their handlers. They bought a TRD with some preconceived idea of what they expected from the TRD. Example: a dog like the one next door, a dog like the one they grew up with, etc. 

I learned much about myself when our TRD entered our home in 2008. The TRD stretched the bounds of my imagination. 

Just today, as I was returning home from a good 45-minute walk with our TRD, I turned for an instant to reach into my pocket for the house keys, when suddenly a forceful jolt on the leash caused me to lose balance. It was "Big." He lunged for a bird and had it fully entrapped in his mouth. This dog has amazing speed and prey drive. After some verbal coaxing he released the quarry. 

That said, toss him a dog biscuit, and chances are he will sit, watch you, then eat it later at his leisure. Go figure...