Export & Shipping

We can ship to you the puppy you require from looking at what we have available on our TRD puppy page. This puppy will be shipped to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) only. We do not ship to any other US airport due to time involved through other airlines. Thai Air Cargo (TAC) is the only Thai cargo company that flies animals from our local airport here in Chiang Mai. If we use a different airlines to ship with the timeon the ground and in the air is much longer and more costly than TAC.

That flight time is about 25 hours from Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) to the main airport in Bangkok (BKK). There the TAC ground staff will transfer to a "one stop" flight to Seoul, Korea (Inchon)  and then finally a non-stop flight direct to LAX. The "ground time" and the "in flight time" is about 25 hours in all.  You then have to clear you TRD puppy at US Customs and then you gp back to the TAC office to pay that office fee and you and your TRD puppy are good to go.

I feel that this 25 hour flight is long enough to submit one of our puppies to shipping to the USA. We don't need to hire a "broker" here to do that shipping. But, we do need to hire a broker to ship to other states or the other 34 countries in North and South Americas that TAC does not service. This will cost you a bit more of sure. If you live in one of the other 49 states in the USA or in Canada and Mexico, you will need to make the arrangements of picking up your puppy in person or hire a broker in the LAX area. They are NOT cheap for sure. Ask Sarah and Nicolas Rollin in Toronto, Canada about their fiasco they had in dealing with a private broker. At the last minute the broker they hire fail to help them after they had paid them $950 in advance. I then quickly suggested a "TRD friend" who lives in the LAX area and he did the job for much less. Email me for his email address and he will tell you what he can do to help you. 

The Thai export papers are done here in Chiang Mai at the Thai Animal Control and we include that cost into the price of a puppy. The pedigree papers (KCTH - Kennel Club THailand) are done in Bangkok and are also included in the price of each puppy.

Shipping from Thailand to all EU and the UK countries..

Shipping to the EU and the UK has always been more difficult due to the rules they have set up many years ago. 
Due to these rules all EU and UK countries do require a rabies vaccine given at the 3rd month (90 days) and then a blood test to be given in the UK at the 4th month. Then another "90 wait period" before the said puppy can be shipped.  Figure thesaid puppy can be shipped by the 7th month or after.

Shipping a TRD "down under" to Australia and New Zealand..

This is possible, but will be quite costly for sure due to the rules both countries impose on those who want to export to these island nations. No dog or small animal can be exported directly from Thailand to either Australia or New Zealand. They must stay in another approved country for a 90 day quarantine in an approved boarding area. A blood test must be done as well before the 90 day quarantine as well. This get rather costly for sure. Contact me about how to do this.
Shipping to any of the 35 countries in North and South Americas..

It is the same as shipping to the USA. The all rabies vaccines are given at the 90th day to all puppies all over the world. So, we have to keep all of our our puppies that we are exporting to the 120th day or the 4th month before we can legally ship them to all the countries that do not require a blood test. There is no quarantine to any of the 35 countries in North and south America except Hawaii and several British and French islands in the Caribbean. All countries must get their puppies at the LAX Thai Air Cargo terminal. Clear US Customs first and then you book your own passage from LAX.

Shipping to the "Middle east," Africa, and most countries in Asia..

It all depends on the each country's rules. Contact http://www.pettravel.com/immigration/thailand.cfm to find out about what the rules are with your country and the rules each country has with Thailand.