Man, this is a beautiful dog Jack! Thanks so much for your help & patience with me.

My son loves his TRD!

At the  PET EXPO 2000 held in Pomona, CA. is where movie star Mr. Nicholas Cage came in search
of a "Thai monkey" as he always wanted a Thai monkey.. But at this show, there were no monkeys!!.. Only dogs and cats and few other rare small animals. Some one told him about the big THAI DOG exhibit in the dog hall...He came to see me and all my TRD, but I was out walking my dogs.. When I returned Lea & Remi Tanasale who had bought INGIGO a deep BLUE SAKORN son, told me Nick Cage was looking for me.. I said yeah.. sure... But they insisted I call his cell number he had left for me.. I called the number and within minutes Nick and his son Weston Cage appeared in my booth you see below.. We spent at least an hour talking about this breed and soon just too many people were gathering in my booth to see him and I chatting.. Soon, he had to leave as too many people just means too many problems. He then ask me if I would sell him my very best TRD. I said NO! of course.. I could not do that.. POO-NEE was my pride and joy.. but I could sell her sister, LING... He was so taken by all of my TRD he said he really had to have one.. so he agreed to take my beautiful BLUE female called "LING" .. and when he asked me if "LING" that had any meaning in Thai I said sure... it means MONKEY... WHAT? was his comment.. I said LING translate into monkey.. OKAY!! Done deal.. I want this MONKEY!!

Here is my GUARANTEE to you...as a new STERLING TRD buyerI met Jack at a Pet Expo in Pomona, CA. He was showing all
his wonderful Thai Ridgebacks to so many people.. I was quite amazed by them and my son pleaded with me to get one. Jack
had the right one and we took her home the very day.

Thanks Jack. We really love your TRD.

Nicholas Cage 
Mega Movie Star
Hollywood, CA



“Jack Sterling is the only man to buy your Thai Ridgeback from - his dogs are awesome!”

Rob Schneider
Movie Star
Hollywood CA


This is from one of the heirs of the "Campbell Soup Company fortune"...

I saw Jack walking several TRD in New York on Madison Ave. I had seen him walk by and was so taken by the beauty
of these creatures I had to have one on the spot.. I offered him anything he wanted and all he said he wanted was a
4-wheeled dog cart.. He wanted to give kids rides in Central Park. I got my puppy and Jack got his dog cart..

Robert Sydney Brown
Brown-Davis Interiors
South Beach, Miami Beach, FL and Washington DC



Jack sent me his last email to you, so I thought I’d chime in.  I remember the apprehension of buying my TRD.  It was a
lot of money and I was dealing with people I didn’t know from Adam.  I talked to a couple of breeders before I found
Jack.  The other breeders were rather off-putting.  They provided little information about the breed, didn’t want me to
come see their operations, and so forth.  the complete opposite.  He fairly inundated me with information.  God knows
how many times we talked.  He all but insisted that I come out to see his dogs and pick mine up in person.  He was very
open and up front.  In the end I trusted him, and it was one of the better decisions I’ve made.  Every word he told me
turned out to be true.  I was very prepared when I finally got Giger because Jack had taught me so much about the
breed.  Giger’s a magnificent dog and I couldn’t be happier with him. Probably the best thing I can tell you is my next
dog will be another TRD and it will come from Jack. 

My best advice to you is to avoid all the BS and in-fighting in the TRD community.  As incredible as the breed is, I
gather the breeders and brokers are what’s holding it back from wider acceptance.  Find someone you like, stick with
them, and ignore the rest of it.  I settled on Jack and I’ve never regretted it.  Even though I hear some of the bickering
between the various factions, I don’t listen to any of it.  I don’t know Jim Albright (or whatever the other guy’s name
was), so I can’t comment on that.  As far as I was able to determine, Jack really is the guy who brought the breed here. 
He was clearly breeding them here long before anyone else around today.  He cares about this breed with a genuine
passion.  I think that above all is what made me trust him.

Good luck on your quest, and if I can answer any questions for you, just let me know.

Shane Vaughn - Ft. Smith, AR.


Are you happy with the TRD I sent you??
(1) Are you pleased or displeased with the STERLING TRD I sent to you??
(2) What about the shipping?? Was is okay?
(3) Now, after several weeks or months or years, what can you share with me about my choice of TRD for you?
(4) Is he/she what you wanted or expected?
(5) Please share with me you best story that you have had with your STERLING TRD.

First reply was on Thursday November 30th 2006


From Kristen Skaggs TRD of Rock Island, IL.

Hello Papa Jack,

[1] Tracy and I absolutely love our "Duncan Idaho!"

[2] Shipping was fine on our end.

[3] Life was certainly boring before Duncan came to live with us. It takes a lot to wear him out, that's for sure. He is handsome, athletic, and very intelligent. Most people (after they ask "the question," of course) comment about his striking eyes. They are definitely one of my favorite features of his.

[4] Duncan fulfilled my need to "mother" someone--I'm glad I'm a teacher with a summer vacation; I was so happy I had time to bond with him and train him those first couple of months. He picked up on house training very quickly. Duncan is definitely a "daddy's boy"--they like to play/roughhouse together--but he is also very protective of me.

[5] Last year, Tracy came home quite late from a play rehearsal and Duncan and I were already asleep in bed (yes, Duncan sleeps on the bed). Before Tracy's key even entered the lock on the back door, Duncan was off the bed and in the living room, barking and growling ferociously--I have never felt more safe and secure in my life. What I tell people is that Duncan only barks when it's important, and we really appreciate that about him. Most of the dogs in our neighborhood seem to bark all the time, but Duncan doesn't (we enjoy picking out the ways that Duncan isn't like the typical dogs you find around here). I'm a proud mama, and could probably go on and on about Duncan all night, but I'd rather go spend time with him... he certainly does like to have his tummy rubbed.

Thanks for everything,

Kristin Skaggs  


From Mary Wernsman TRD of Rock Island, IL. 

Hi Jack,

I can't wait to see the "after picture" of "MAI BLUE GINA" when she's able to fatten back up.  Guess some people need to be in your shoes and do the work to see what things can sometimes happen;  unless they tend to be "perfect".  As far as the black puppies, they don't look too bad, not affected much; and I am confident you are doing all you can to help your dogs. I keep Nikita fairly lean right now because I want her to be a fit dog, and not have a lot of stress on bones and joints with any extra unneeded weight. You obviously wouldn't have posted the pictures if you had
something to hide, and we all know others check out your site.  I wonder if any of these people have ever had a problem with a dog (ie like fleas or worms).  I know I have run in to these problems before with having one dog.  I am not saying Guardia is the same ailment as fleas but simply making a point.  Also wonder if they truly know what a puppy mill is, and if they do then they need to visit your home to verify there claims before making them.

Now to your 5 questions.

[1] I am very happy with Nikita our black and tan female, and look forward to getting Samson, our future new black male.  Nikita is 10 months old now and has brought a ton of joy to our family. 

[2] As far as shipping goes, I think it is reasonable for what is being shipped; and figure if I want to buy a dog from Thailand it is going to cost more than shipping within the US. 

[3] I think Nikita is a wonderful match for our family.  She is probably more friendly than the average TRD.  Don't know that she would be much of a protector (Samson will do that:), but she sure lets us know how happy she is when we come home; and alerts us when anyone is near the house. When we took her with us to Mike's uncles house for Thanksgiving (2hr drive), she sat in my lap most of the drive. 

[4] She's not a barker, but will bark on command or if she is hungry, or you have a treat for her, she will jump, rollover, sit and shake on command (sometimes she will do all of them before you say if she sees you have a treat).  Sometimes I will find her in one of the kids' beds in the morning before they are up, but she sleeps with us - yes - in our bed at night.  She has softened Mike toward dogs considerably.  He has always liked dogs, just not the maintenance.  She
is everything we wanted and Mike continually says we got the best dog.

[5] Best story - We believe she has some "cat" in her.  After laying for awhile, she gets up and stretches like a cat.  She has also been able to get up on our counter (in a small kitchen), not disturb anything and eat leftovers set out to cool.  I was in the next room and did not hear her.  Best thing is that not one word of disgust came out of Mike's mouth. (You have to know him well to appreciate this:)

Thanks again for STERLING's MAI NIKITA and we look forward to receiving my newest STERLING TRD a FAWN male we will call "SAMSON" despite the silly claims that "Jack Sterling is a Puppy Mill Breeder"  that are posted by jealous people on some silly discussion boards. 

Grace & Peace,
p.s. go ahead and post this on your site if you would like


Well I bet you can just guess my response to … Are you happy with the TRD I sent you??                                                  
100% ,,, OF COURSE!!

(1) Are you pleased or displeased??

Very pleased.  Maikee is the sweetest dog.  YOU picked the best match for me and my family, based on our conversations  via web cam.  My kids still ask about Santa on the computer! LOL! 

(2) What about the shipping?? Was is okay? 
Shipping was an ordeal.  I’m not going to lie.  I was on pins and needles until we got Maikee at the airport.  It’s a long way to send a dog all by his lonesome.  Jack, you were great through the whole thing, calling us at each point up until Maikee was in the air.  I’ll bet you don’t even remember calling us when he was supposed to have landed (we were still waiting in the parking lot for the plane to unload)  I think you were asleep, and so worried, you called us in your sleep, wanting to make sure he made it to us OK!  And price wise, we shipped at the height of gas inflation this past year, but
he is so WORTH every penny!

(3) Now, after several weeks or months or years, what can you share with me about my choice of TRD for you? 
You picked the PERFECT dog for us.  I was very specific regarding what I was looking for in a male, and I don’t think I could have handpicked one as good as you did across the globe!

(4) Is he/she what you wanted or expected?       
Everything I expected and more!  He has grown into such a handsome dog.  My Vet RAVES about him (and Maitai-not to be left out!)  She goes on and on about his musculature and form, and also his..er..well…testicles—she was just in awe at how large they are for a dog his size.  LOL!

(5) Please share with me you best story that you have had with your STERLING TRD.   
Hard to say, really.  My story is simple.  Maikee and Maitai are great!  I can not imagine my life without them.  I will definitely only have TRDs from now on.  They are the smartest, most expressive, great with family and kids, low maintenance (except they need lots of exercise and a good fence system), protective of us and property.  I can’t take them anywhere without people asking “What kind of dog is that?”  Try going to Petsmart for one or two items and it takes about two hours!  I can’t think of any one specific “story”, but these dogs have integrated so well with my family, they are like my own children!

Oh-by the way-Maitai is just a great as well, and she is offspring of two dogs from YOU!

On a different turn-there are those who are saying not to buy a dog from you.  Pah!  Rubbish!  There are no surprises with you-you tell it like it is, and if you have an ill dog, you are honest about it, and I KNOW you take care of any problem the dog might have, as well as any other dogs it comes in contact with.  You haven’t been doing this for a couple of months-you have been doing this for FORTY YEARS!  It is a lot of work just having two dogs, much less having thirty!  And then the care of puppies!  Not an easy task.  From a nursing standpoint, I KNOW how easily things (illness, parasites, viruses) can be transmitted from human to human, much less dog to dog!  You CAN'T have been as successful as you have been over the years for NOT taking care of the animals you have had/bred!

Jack, let the numbers speak for themselves: how many happy buyers do you have vs. unhappy?  Enough said! 

Melinda Cooper


From Angela Keys TRD of Cincinnati, OH.

Hello Jack,

This is just my opinion -Anyone that spends that much money on two TRD and then turns around and puts them to sleep was just looking to make some quick cash by breeding. My guess is that they got in over their head and were too ashamed to admit it. It's easier to just put them down and move on than to be a responsible pet owner and try to find good homes for the dogs you no longer want, or to spend some money on a good trainer. These dogs can't just be left to learn on there own. They need to be trained. It's not the dogs fault they did whatever it was that it did that they
felt they needed to be put down. I don't know the whole story, did these dogs bite or harm someone? By the way, I saw some pictures of the two from Katie (I think) and they were beautiful! I would have taken them.


A TRD can be the best pet you ever had or the worst. It all depends on the owner. My dogs are still a work in progress & I am aware that if one of them shits on my floor it's my fault for not giving it better training or paying more attention to them.

I still can't believe how great my Congo is - he is the sweetest dog I've ever owned. How many male dogs do you know that you can leave alone around 9 puppies and Not worry? There isn't a drop of bite in him. He just wants to be loved.
He sat outside the kennel and watched Lucy give birth to all 9 of them.

Angela Keys TRD

From Adrian Shaw TRD of Hollywood, CA.

Hey Jack,
What's up? How Thailand? Thanks for the stories and pictures that you have sent me over the years. Just wondering how's it going and if there are any litters in the works or on the way. Here is a picture of Jack Sterling's RED Sienna and our new addition Scotty (JRT) all dressed up for Halloween. We are a little interested in what TRD pups you have over there. Thanks and talk to you soon.

Adrian Shaw
Hollywood, CA

(Adrian is a personal friend from Minnesota who is now breaking into the
Hollywood scene in So Cal. He bought a lovely RED TRD in the spring of 2003.)

My name is Adrian Shaw. I live in Long Beach, California.

I purchased my dog from Jack Sterling about 4 years ago while he was still living in Southern California.

[1.]  I am very pleased with my Super Red TRD. I couldn't have purchased a better dog for my needs. Doesn't shed and is very well behaved. Smart and very likeable.

[2.] Didn't have to have her shipped. I went and picked her up at his home in Sylmar which is in LA County California.

[3.]  Very good choice of dog for me. Doesn't shed much and is a medium size dog.

[4.] I wanted a Black TRD, but all Jack had was Super Reds. I'm glad now also that I got one of his first Super Reds born in America. They are so good looking.

[5.]  Sienna (my TRD) is very smart. Top of her class at dog school. In fact, I really didn't have to teach her much. Never had to potty train her, she just knew. Never chews up shoes or anything else in the house. She is the best dog I have ever had.

Thank you so much Jack.
Adrian Shaw
Long Beach, CA

Jack Sterling is the nicest breeder I've met. He spent about 6 hours with me the
day I bought my TRD. That's really is dedication!


From Chris Hibbard TRD of Long Beach, CA.

Hello Jack,

I just recently sent you an email on how happy I am with my dog.  I can only assume that the people who put the puppies down must not of had puppies before.  There is not a puppy in the world that is well behaved.  It is up to us to train them properly.  For a puppy these dogs are great.  Let these people have a pit-bull puppy or even a lab puppy.  Raising a puppy is not easy.  If someone is not prepared for the responsibility then don't get any dog, because it is not fair for
the puppy. 

Now that my TRD is full grown (and very well behaved) he and my 4 year old daughter are best friends and he is apart of  the family and I am looking forward to the years to come with him.

Chris Hibbard
San Diego, CA


From Dr. Simaan Shini TRD of College Station, TX.

Hello Jack,

I've been kind of got busy lately, so sorry I haven't responded quicker. I couldn't be happier with the TRD I received
from you last April. "MAI DAISY" is healthy and happy now since her DSC removal that I had done here again, several
months ago.  No return infections at all.

I am completely sold on this breed and am continually amazed at the intelligence and demeanor of this animal.  I am
sure your socialization of the puppies has much to do with this.  She couldn't be better around other dogs/cats/kids. 
There are those she doesn't care for, but hell there are plenty of people I don't care for as well.  I am extremely
satisfied with the TRD you chose for me.  She suits my lifestyle and personality.  I am looking forward to my next
STERLING TRD once Daisy is a bit older.  Only one place I would ever go for this breed.  You are the very best
breeder to deal with.  Another thing, you were right about is the need for safe containment.  These rascals will try to
break out of constraining environments. 

Here is a funny story for you, I have a standard collapsible crate I purchased online that I use when I am not at home.  It is fairly large and very secure. But amazingly Daisy has figured it out. Not only can she unlatch the door, but after I locked the latches on the door with padlocks she figured out how to disassemble the frame with her paws.  Now that I have 10 padlocks on the crate it is finally secure for  this escape artist.  I'll send you pictures once I finally find the camera cord.

Thanks Jack
Dr. Simaan Shini
College Station, TX


From Ken Milner TRD of Canton,GA.

Hey Jack,

It's hard for me to find time to email.  INDIGO is doing great.  If he is not out at the barn patrolling his 40 acres he's at home taking it easy and playing with the cat.  The cat is a "Russian Blue" and is the exact same color as INDIGO.  It's cold this time of year so INDIGO is trying to stay warm with the rest of us, 24 degrees this morning.  I attached a couple of pictures.  I'll send more later. This dog is the best TRD ever. You really are the best in what you do.

Ken Milner


From Jory Stiefels TRD of NEW YORK CITY, NY

Hey Jack,

How have you been?  I wanted to drop you a note to say that Thailer  is doing great. Thailer is a great dog. 

NYC just opened a beautiful new pier park by my apartment, which includes a dog run, and we love to go.  Last week someone asked me if I took Thailer to obedience school because he is  "just so well behaved."   I need to take some good pics of him, but I  included one from about 2 months ago below.  Pictured is Thailer,  with my friend Eric, when we had a picnic in Central Park with a  bunch of friends. Thailer loves climbing on the rocks in Central Park - so I'm
figuring  out some places we can go hiking outside of the city when it warms up  in the Spring.

Anyway, I can't thank you enough for this totally incredible dog you sent me!


From Nieve Campball TRD of Virginia Beach, VA.

Hi Jack,
Jack Sterling's MAI BLUE SWEET DICK (aka BOOGER) is such a spoiled brat! But I love him. He suits me very well. he hates the cold just as much as I do and he has lots of fun running around the apartment and playing with me. Booger was very skeptical about me when I first got him but within a week he was beginning to get out of his shell. Since then he thinks he is the man of the house. LOL.

He loves going for walks unless it's cold out and he knows exactly where he wants to go walking very single time we go out the door. When we go out he leads the way, taking charge of the journey. He loves watching out the window and the sliding door. Those are his little look out posts that he has and he constantly goes from one to the other looking at the things going on outside. He  is very attentive and runs to guard the door when he sees someone leaving their car to come to the building. He has a ritual that he does before we go to bed. He checks all the rooms in the apartment and then walks back and forth from the bedroom to the front door at least four times. Once he is sure that everything is safe and secure he finally goes to bed. He will wake up though if he hears any noise and goes to investigate.  He gives me this look and nudges my hand when he wants a massage and will scoff at me if I don't do it fast enough.

He also give me his paws and puts my hand in his mouth to let me know that he is not satisfied with the length of his massage and that I need to keep rubbing. He is so lovable. He has also been exercising his vocal cords lately. He will start barking at anything he is unsure of until I tell him it's okay. I do like that about him because that means he is not a push over. He hasn't messed with any of the furniture or pillows. he has been eating very well and wants everything that I am eating. he follows me all over the house and finally figured out that he can drink water while I  have the shower running. He is still getting used to riding in the car but he knows to sit and look out the window. Here are a few pictures of him.

Thank you so very much,Nieve



Hi Jack,
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful my Sitao is.  He is now two years old and just a handsome boy!  He is also quite the ladies man as all of my females in the house want to be around him and love to play with him.  He is a very friendly boy and will run up to meet new people when they come to the house. 

Sometimes he will cry at the living room window as he sees people walking by and wants them to come and give him some attention.  Sitao also seems to think he is a lap dog.  At night he just wants to sit next to you on the couch and if he can talk you into getting on your lap, he is even happier.  Sitao is quite the athlete as he can easily jump over a 4 foot fence – I now have a 6 foot fence.  He has also done some lure coursing with the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and even did better than my Rhodesian – he is quite the sight hound *lol* !

I spent many nights talking to you via MSN before I got him, in addition to calling you in Thailand, and you perfectly matched me to the personality I required.  I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to get a TRD.

Jennifer Wheeler
Arlington, VA


Hello Kevin,

   As I assume you will be a future TRD owner, since you have contacted Jack Sterling. I write you this letter. Jack Sterling is a great man and breeder. I have had nothing but great conversations via webcam chat online, and numerous phone and e-mail conversations. Papa Jack has been the greatest. He is very quick to respond to e-mails and questions about the breed. He will also talk for hours about the breed and can give you a lot of information regarding the breed.

You say you haven't had a pet in nearly 20 years then this is the pet for you!!! Especially considering you say you grew up with pets. This breed is truly unique. I bought Maikee III from Papa Jack in May. Every day has been very interesting. I hope you enjoy exercise because this breed can and will run or walk for long periods of time. They are very timid and guarded when they first meet a new person. They want to make sure everything is ok before going up to someone. I have noticed that Maikee III does great with other dogs. He hasn't been fixed and thus he is a little aggressive towards smaller male dogs. He is very intelligent. He sleeps with me every night, and is very dependent upon me. He is as Jack describes the breed "Like your shadow" he wants to be with you at all times. I highly recommend one of Papa Jacks cages as they will break their teeth on regular cages, and can escape from any cage even the $400+ ones here in America. Maikee III has broken free of 3 different cages ranging in price from $200 to $500... I suggest a good Sterling Kennel system.

When I picked the pup up at LAX Maikee III was still drugged up pretty good. He ate a ton and went to sleep for a bit. After about 4hours or so he was moving around a bit on the ride home. After sleeping the night away he was a lot better the next morning. Since Maikee III was 6mo old when I got him he took a little longer than average to get situated. He took about 6-7 days before I noticed his tail was perked up and he was happy to see me and happy with his environment.

Anything else Let me know I can send pics, or give you more info on the breed etc.

Maikee III Is amazing and Papa Jack and his Sterling TRD are the way to go if your interested in a pup. They really are a great companion. Just make sure you have the energy for this breed. They like exercise and without it can tend to be destructive... Thus the regular walks now :)

 Jason Ensign
Las Vegas, NV


Hey Jason,

Thanks for your comments.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share some of your
experience with me.  Is Maikee III a chewer?  How is he breaking free from the cages?  Also, do you feel he's "imprinted" with your personality or Jack's, given he was a little older than a pup?  What about training and marking territory?  I'd love a pic. 

I can't decide between a coco black or a blue.

Cheers, Kevin


Hey Kevin,

I love the blues, but Jack has some great blacks right now...

Yes, Maikee III is somewhat of a chewer. He has bent the cages and chewed at the cages and my doggy door. I used the product called "bitter apple" sold at Petsmart or Petco and sprayed my furniture down. He has stopped chewing except here and there... Although he does love to steal left over shakes and ice cream.. He has stolen 2 off the counter. He has chewed through the plastic cages, and my doggy door to escape, and has also bent the door on a metal cage so much so that the cage broke open... and is now difficult to close.

I just came home from work today and Maikee III had somehow pushed hard enough on my French doors to my bedroom that I lock with a deadbolt that he broke the lock and the doors wide open. I am amazed right now thinking about it as it happened only 30 minutes ago... I assume it is because he wanted to sleep on the bed while I was gone, because he didn't chew anything up. I think it might have gotten a little cold and he wanted the warmth of my bed... Good thing I have barricaded the doggy door and locked both the front and back door before I left.

As for him having an imprint of a personality I would say he has some traits he got from Jack and others that he has gotten from me. Many traits I would say go toward the breed of dog and his ancestry. I also tend to believe that he has Boom Boom ( his dad's) traits more than jacks or mine. From what Jack has told me of Boom Boom, Maikee III has turned out to be a little mini Boom Boom. I actually like that Jack raised him and he was able to stay with his father and other TRD's to socialize him and give him some of the older TRD traits...

Maikee III has had no training courses yet. I actually would like to show him now that he has turned 1 year old. He can sit shake with both paws, lay down, come, and stay. He also marks all territory as his. From day one he hasn't really had a problem using the inside of the house as a bathroom... He has had a few accidents, but not for a few months now. He pisses on everything outside like plants and grass and other dog markings. He also likes to wake up and go outside and air hump...

Now on to Happy TRD stories...

Here are a few comments from other JACK STERLING TRD FAMILY owners. THE 4 MAIKEE'S have their
FIRST birthday...since November 6th 2005.

MAIKEE # 1 lives in New Haven, CT. USA with the Carla & Eric O'Brien Family

Hi Jack,
Just dropping a line and a huge birthday thanks from the "Original" Maikee I!  We hope you are doing well and we are very appreciative of our big guy and all you offered us this first year.  Carla and Eric (and Casey & Jack) are still having a great time with our new family member.  Every day is another fun filled Maikee I day here in New Haven! We are all doing well with Maikee I. With the big 1st birthday coming up, we just had to stop and give many thanks to
Papa Jack!  We don't know what life would be like without him.

Updates from Maikee I ....

Our daughter Casey (8 yrs old) and Maikee I are inseparable!  I'm not sure who is the boss and who is the kid sometimes.  They play these crazy games with Maikee I's toys by day and just curl up together in bed every night.   In the morning, Maikee I wakes Jack (our 7 year old) up for school every morning and those two get the day going with breakfast (Maikee I knows Jack is the early bird...Casey's the worm!).  Jack and Maikee I eat whatever they can find in the cabinets.  Cheerios usually work best for Maikee I's morning snack.  If Jack is ambitious, he and Maikee I
go for the Eggos!  By 8:30 Maikee I and I are out for a run in the neighborhood.  For me it's exercise, for Maikee I it's to get a whif of the new females on the block (Maikee I digs the ladies!)...When he's all tired he's back on the couch by 9am waiting for the kids to come home and then wait for dinner.

We quickly learned that Maikee's I favorite treats are coffee, cosmopolitan martinis, and any kid food,  beef or fish.  Although he'll sit patiently during the morning grind or plenty of ladies cocktail nights, he gets none of the first two.  But, he patiently waits for the later every day!  Sometimes he'll get a snack when the kids have walked away from their plates. And that's such a coups! 

Maikee I does like to run.  He's wondered away from us many times and is he fast.  We call him the slinky....he's so fast, he's just like that silver thing that you used to watch fall down your stairs.  His new best friends are the squirrels!   He cries for them when he's in the house looking out.  But as fast as Maikee I is, he just can't catch him!  Sometimes I wish he'd just get them and get it over with.

So, we'll wrap up the big 1st Birthday with a little ice cream and a thanks again Papa Jack.  Your dogs are just the best!  We're so happy to be part of the STERLING TRD FAMILY and to have Maikee I! 

Our best regards Jack,

Carla & Eric O'Brien Family

MAIKEE # 2 lives in Biloxi, MS. USA with the Melinda & Adam Cooper Family

Hey Papa Jack!
I was thinking about you today, because I do believe it's Maikee II's BIRTHDAY!  I just wanted to thank you again for such a great dog.  He has turned out to be JUST SPECTACULAR!  His form is so classic, I really should show him!   I just don't have the time!

Maikee II is just the best dog ever!  His temperament is exactly what I wanted when I first talked to you!  You pegged it exactly! He is so sweet and loving and gentle and good with the kids, and I could go on and on...   He doesn't bark unless there is a reason, he was VERY good with the neighbor's dogs this weekend when we were all outside, he has GREAT recall, so when he escapes from the back yard, or out the front door when my daughter Maegan leaves it open, I call him and he turns around and comes BOUNDING back to me.   I can't explain, except to other TRD owners, the feeling I have about my dogs.  Their faces expressive, and SMART!  He and Maitai are a great pair, and they love each other so much!  

Again, Jack, words just don't do it justice, but THANK YOU so much for MAIKEE II, from the bottom of my heart.  

You are indeed a master at what you do!

Melinda & Adam Cooper Family


MAIKEE # 3 lives in Las Vegas, NV USA with the Jason Ensign

Papa Jack.

I have been enjoying Maikee III's company so much I almost forgot to write you and explain my gratitude for introducing me to the TRD breed & so much more. From my initial contact with you I could tell that you are a special person. I loved the fact that not long ago you lived in the fabulous city of lights (Las Vegas) the same city that I was born and raised in. It tells a lot about a person that they would move to a foreign country in an attempt to better a breed of dog that is truly quite unique. The introduction to our relationship started off on a strictly e-mail relationship with me asking all sorts of questions and you responding with a multitude of informative e-mails. After I had decided that I would get a TRD you got me onto the web cam looking at the old house and old kennel and best of all I could see the TRD's right in front of me. I decided to get Maikee III who's father is Boom Boom and mother is Hollywood Darling. I really liked the look of Boom Boom and I thought that a pup from those two would look really good. I remember you telling me that Maikee III was one of your favorites from that littler and that you thought he was something special...

Well Papa Jack, you were right. I did get him at 7 months old so he was a little bigger than your average TRD since they are normally sold when pups.

We had a few scares with him escaping by chewing through all of the ties and his cage while in the belly of the airplane on the way into the U.S.A. And shortly there after he chewed through the doggy door and side gate to escape for a 4 day time gap. And he has chewed through 2 Metal cages, all in the beggining few months. (I used Bitter Apple spray and he has since stopped Chewing things.) Maikee III truly is an amazing TRD. His ridge is picture perfect along with his teeth and tail.

He has a very Boom Boom like attitude that I am sure you understand what I mean. He has a picture perfect walk. All in all I would like to thank you for the very best. You put forth a lot of time and effort and love into the TRD breed and it shows with the kind of Sterling TRD you sell. You are also a man of your word. And best of all the fact that you make the soon to be TRD owner sell themselves as a TRD owner to you and not the other way around. It ensure a responsible, caring, and loving home for each and every Sterling TRD you breed. I would recommend without a doubt that if you are considering a Sterling TRD that you research the breed and talk to other Sterling TRD owners to find out what they have to say about their experience, and their recommendations. With that said I would highly recommend a Sterling TRD to anyone who wish to acquire a TRD. Again, thank you Papa Jack for a great Sterling TRD in Maikee III ATRA #193 and the continued relationship that we will carry on into the future.

Jason Ensign


MAIKEE # 4 lives in ChiangMai, Thailand with Paul & Lucy Heath

Hi Jack, 

Just an update on MAI MAIKEE IV aka "FFLOYD", we called him this because of the great "Pink Floyd" who I simply love! and I think it sorta suits him as well! We have had him nearly two months now, and it was his 1 year birthday yesterday!

He is settled in great, and we love him so much, so thank you for introducing us to this amazing dog, and breed. Wow, we just cant stop looking at him, he is so handsome, and so much fun to be with, he really is like a giant puppy! He loves to snuggle up, and sleep next to us, and is at our side most of the time, unless he's sniffing about, trying to catch the frogs here! It really amazes me how playful he is, and happy to see us when we come home he get so excited, and bounces all around the garden running so fast with his tail between his legs, its so funny to watch, he does this everyday without fail, even when we get up in the morning, he is waiting to play, and jumping all over..

When I first came to the House of Sakorn, I was unsure of the cages they were kept in, but you helped me understand that it was necessary it is to contain the TRD, so I took your advice, you helped me design one, and we got it hand made. FFLOYD loves this cage, it is where he goes when he wants "alone time, and he freely and willingly goes into it, and sleeps there. so thx for that too.

Thank you for helping us get this beautiful new house Jack, we could never find somewhere with a garden with this much room for FFLOYD to run about in, I could watch him run all day, the way these dogs move is truly stunning, I do enjoy coming to your house and to watch the dogs, they are all so happy, and friendly, you really have a perfect set up there jack. I'm sure it feels nice to know that whoever gets a dog of yours, you know that they will be 100% satisfied.

If anyone needs info on Jack or his wonderful dogs, I can vouch for him and his A1 TRD kennels as I live right next door!  So please don't hesitate to email me.

When we came to choose a dog, it was so hard, to pick one out of the four was so difficult, but I know I made the right choice by coming to you, and which ever dog we chose, I would have been happy with,  I am blessed to have such a great dog. So, thanks again!

We now have FFLOYD trained to "come, sit, down, stay" it wasn't difficult, we just had to offer him treats of KFC, sometimes this doggy eats better than me!

So bye for now jack, see you soon ..

Paul,  Lucy and FFLOYD


And now that great TRD trainer in upstate New York and his most awesome STERLING TRD..

Hello Papa Jack,

The snow is officially gone here in Ithaca NY (but not green yet) and that means back to work with SaMing. I wanted to give you an idea of what kind atmosphere I provide for SaMing and how free upstate land is to roam, hunt and work. I've taken some photos during some tracking with SaMing, something that he enjoys very much which stimulates not only his brain but drives. A few hours previous to this I laid out a route using traces of coyote urine that I acquire from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Ecology Department. My goal is not to harm the local Red Coyotes but they do tend to sift around my home at night, so this keeps them at bay and SaMing loves to kick up dust running after them. I hope you enjoy the photos.

-Jack Sonnenberg

Picking up the scent in the woods, little wind, nose to the ground..
Notice he's caught a huge wiff of Coyote upwind, he lowers his tail, ears and head go parallel to the ground. He does not do this out of defensive, aggression or fear. This is an excellent example of SaMing staying streamlined out of sight from "potential threat or prey." This trait is ideal for hunting K9's as ambush predators.  
This is a beautiful example of the endless room we have. SaMing has picked up some movement in the woods to the right. He assumes a aggressive but curious posture. Notice how he has the tracking line pulled tight. 
More movement detected, this time it's more serious. In this piece of land which I call the "Dinner Chair" is a very unsettling place to be at dusk time. You have woods to the right that eventually turn steep and mountainous, then off to the left of this grassland is a drop off and raging river that turns into a swap sown stream. It is teeming with endless wildlife and prey, which makes it a unique environment for a TRD.
This area will grow rich with green grass vegetation which SaMing loves to chow down on. To the left is very marshy and often where Great Blue Heron's hang out.  
SaMing is hard on the scent, pulling me along as I try to take a picture. We had heavy snowfall which absolutely just crushed all dormant tall grass in this prairie. 
Deer at 10 o'clock. SaMing is overloaded with prey drive. We often follow game trails when we are not working or hunting, but it still does make for some great action when he takes off after them in the bush, not today though- we have work to do.  
Not a cloud in the sky, this is on our way back home, he is relentless to catch something in the woods.

I hope these pics will show that the TRD is a jungle K9, NOT a urban jungle K9. No around the suburban neighborhood walks or trips to the doggy parks can ever replace going out in the WILD with your TRD!

Many more photos of different locations to come that are all located behind my home. We simply put on our gear and head out the back door into the wilderness. Could a TRD ask for anything more?

-Jack Sonnenberg

Sterling TRD- "SaMing" is forever tattooed and always at my side arm..

Dear readers.. Jack Sonnenberg's TRD SaMING is one of thee most awesomest TRD I have had the pleasure of breeding.. and Jack is also one of the world's top dog trainers.. what a match.. and what a pair!!!

I just don't get it?  Why would any dog breeder keep sending out their very best stock time after time over and over?
I can only imagine the quality you have in your kennels...Thanks for a superb animal,  he is just so unbelievable.



Hey mom, "We wanna go outside and play like we did at Papa Jack's in Thailand!"
"When well we be able to do that and when all all the white stuff go away???"

 This is the view those two STERLING bred TRD were looking at in Canada...

The young Ms Green is going to be the next generation TRD owner in the future.
I still have this RED TRD's littermate brother available.. Although he is one of
the largest TRD I have ever seen since 1994, when I saw the TRD at Somsit
Leelhausuwan's THAI SILK kennel in Bangkok.

Hey Jack,

It's taken me far to long to get photos to you and I apologize for that...
Everything is great here, and the dogs are the loves of our lives...can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so we can get back into our outdoor life style...

Hope all is well with you...and we totally LOVE our RED & BLACK STERLING TRD...

Brian and Tish Green in Canada of GREEN TRD


Here read what Mary Wernsman has to say about her two STERLING TRD...

Hi Jack,

Just wanted to update you tell you thanks for sending the papers and give you an update on our wonderful TRDs.  They are hilarious together.  Personalities are definitely different and it seems Samson is molding Nikita somewhat.  She is the more hyper and agile one who can jump and dance circles around him (she literally will spin in a circle on her hind legs when I tell her to "spin"). She is the brains and he appears to be the brawn, but she manipulates and dominates.  She knows exactly how to get a toy or bone away from him.  As he's gotten older he is getting more wise to her tricks and standing his ground so to speak. 

Nikita loves to play with us or Samson (to show her dominance)  We let them do this under supervision because there are times when one (usually her) will bite too hard and/or some growling starts.  They are good about breaking up when I intervene.  Below is a picture from one such incident.  Play seemed to be getting rougher, so I made them stop (which is usually by saying no and sometimes having to grab by the neck) and told them down.  Mike thought they looked dead and thought it would be a funny picture.  So here is their "playing dead" picture.  They stay there until I say "Okay" and "Good Puppies" - of course.

They both love to take laps around our pool, so you can imagine what some of the ground around the pool is looking like, as well as the lovely brown yard patches:)
These dogs are both very affectionate and Nikita has become more affectionate since the face-licking lap dog, Samson has arrived.  If you sit or lay on the couch, they will both be there Picture attached and one below), doesn't matter who.  They have lain with all of us at one time or another.  Kids love it.  Dogs are great for making kids feel good.  And these two are wonderful family members.  Look below:)
Thank you for placing them with us.  We love them.

Happy Resurrection Day!!
Love and May God Bless You,

Mary & Family
Mary is a high school PE teacher in Rock Island, IL she bought two STERLING TRD within one year as she felt strongly of the fact two TRD is better than just one! Both TRD come from two strong bloodlines of FAWNS and on NIKITA'S side was a BLACK grandfather, thus why she is a two-toned TRD. Normally you see TRD only in a solid color only see her littermate brother "JERRY"  a  BLUE/FAWN TRD male 

that lives with 6 ELEPHANTS in the FOUR SEASONS TENT CAMP in Chiang Rai,
Northern Thailand near the area everyone calls the GOLDEN TRIANGLE.. See below..

Hello Jack,

You might remember him as Mai Mekong, but he is now officially known as  Jerry.


He has socialized so well to the Four Seasons Tent Camp environment in Chiang Rai, very loyal to me,  but accepts with such Kindness all the new guests that arrive each  day and has made great friends with 130 staff.   They are lots of  work, but with dedicated attention and lots of love they can be comfortable in any environment.

This BLUE & FAWN TRD called "JERRY" loves his 6 elephant buddies...

Thank you,
Jason Friedman
Four Seasons Hotel Group

Jason is a fellow transplanted NEW YORKER living a dream life as the head manager of this totally fantastic paradise get away tent camp who has 6 elephants for JERRY to play with... This dog is NOT a show dog.. but don't tell him that as he is one of the star attractions at the tent camp and is just a much loved pet.. who gets tons of  attention.. People will say why the two toned color..??? It does happen from time to time and he was not sold as a show dog.. but as Jason's new son...as he is just JERRY to all who see him...

This FAWN is Jack Sterling's MAI GOLDEN BUALOY who sired JERRY & NIKITA

Her two best features are her eyes and her solid BLACK tongue and mouth..


Thai Ridgeback Puppies

Nick Cage's TRD "MONKEY"

Nicholas Cage bought Jack Sterling's TRD "MONKEY" at the Pomona  PET EXPO

in March 2000

Robert S. Brown and Todd Davis with