Hi Papa Jack,

How are you? Long time no talk! I have been very busy trying to finish with school and MAI THAI ANN is a hand full!  She is doing great! We are getting her FIXED this month and she is gorgeous!!!  I have to tell you that I am so excited about getting a second one!!! This time I want a BLUE baby boy. I have to wait a little longer, but you better believe I am going to expand my family with TRD'S. She is wonderful, Jack.. Thank you so very much once again.

So, I see you are lighting your workload?? How are thing over in Thailand? Hopefully  I will be coming to visit you with my sister. She was actuaslly born in Bangkok. Well, I just wanted to drop in and say HI and let you know all is well and I will hopefully be getting INTERNET soon  so I will be adding new pictures of MAI THAI ANN and us to our album!

Miss & love ya, Trish Fleming in Phoenix, AZ


Hello Jack,

Yes! I got my puppies! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I took the memorial weekend off.  They are simply awesome! I just took some pictures today and will downloan them later tonight and will get them to you asap.  Thank you SO MUCH. The male is the most awesome dog I've ever met. The female is still getting used to her new home and is a bit skiddish but is warming up to me nicely. She's beautiful. Even though I've never met any other TRD's I know your's are the best! Both have had only one accident since coming home on Thursday and one chewed the remote while I mowed the lawn!  

Thanks Again Jack,

Angela Keys TRD in Columbus, OH


Hello Jack,    

Just to let you know "Mai Diego," my pup, is doing great.  He and I have become best friends out here in California.  I live in an apartment so I take him down to a lake, near my place, every other day so that he can run around.  He seems to love the water.  Not really swimming but splashing around in it.  He is the smartest dog I have ever seen.   All of my friends are impressed by how intelligent and well behaved he is.  He gets excited just like any pup, but for the most part is a very good dog. When I get a house I am looking at buying another. 

Thanks Jack.
  Chris Hibbard in San Diego, CA


Hello Jack,

Firstly, I have to say that words nor pictures can describe how beautiful, intelligent and full of personality this pup is! He has met and exceeded what I expected! The pictures helped that you sent before he arrived but to actually see him in person when I opened the cage blew my breathe away and he is BIG!! much bigger than I expected WOW! I took him out to the parking lot and let him out for the 1st time...and just as said would happen people immediately started coming over and asking "what kind of dog is that?".

I was concerned that his cage would be really messy after such a long trip but I was amazed to see that he had kept the cage really clean and buried any waste in the shredded newspaper. I bathed him that night and he handled it well no crying at all. He also handled the 5 hour road-trip back to the San Francisco equally well in his crate.

The drive down to pick him up and back was well worth it for such a beautiful and unique dog. I personally want to Thank You Jack for everything you have done to make this as simple and painless as possible. I had my reservations.... I'm sure like anyone would with sending money to someone so far away. But you put all of my concerns to rest by staying in constant contact and sending photos as the puppy matured until he was flown to the U.S. Mercury has some adjusting ahead of him as does my male cat..

I have one dominant male that has ruled the roost for a while but like all families when a new member arrives there is some time needed before everyone finds his place..right now there is a lot of posturing going on :-). Mercury starts obedience school next Tuesday, I want to start to get him socialized with other dogs and people. I took him over to the local coffee house this morning for his first walk and again was stopped about 5 times within 3 blocks! and asked "What kind of dog is that?" I guess I better get used to it!!!!

I'll keep you in the loop as time goes by. I'll send pictures soon as well I have on old digital and have to jump through hoops to download the pictures! Again I can't thank you enough

Jack...by far...your the best!!

Ron Campbell Livermore, CA


Here a few emails about buying a BLUE TRD....


I know you are in contact with Jack regarding a blue female TRD. I have had my red TRD for over a year from a breeder in Maryland - who I would not recommend. I have a blue male (Brenner's brother) and a black female from Jack. I have had them for about a month now.

I just wanted to let you know that you are working with the most experienced TRD breeder/seller and he is in the TRD motherland! He knows which pups are worth $3000 and which are worth $1000. That is what he does - just that simple. You have contacted the best and you can rest assured that he will get you the best TRD for your $$.

I went to Jack after my experience with the quality of TRD I got from an American breeder who does not know the TRD. Both of my TRD are EXACTLY as described. I talk to him all the time and he emailed me numerous photos of my boy and his progress. There were NO surprises with him. I could not be happier with my TRD family! I even talk to him now via camera over the internet. He shows me all of his TRD and it is really great. He gets to see that the TRD he sent to me are equally in a good home as it is a risk he takes everytime he lets a TRD go. It is not just about money, but it also about the quality of a home the TRD are going to receive - trust goes both ways.

I would be happy to phone you or you can feel free to call me as well.

My cell is 703-869-5205. My email is somlar@hotmail.com

Hope to talk to you soon.

Jennifer Wheeler Arlington, VA



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