Here are 4 emails from Katie Fortenbacher, Jeanette Husman, and Jennifer Wheeler who are the current officers of ATRA to a new TRD inquirier in NYC who wants BLUE TRD... 
all were written June 17th, 2005


From Katie Fortenbacher of Snohomish, WA. who has 2 TRD...

Hello fellow TRD lover,

Jack asked me to contact you in regards to his TRDs. I live in Washington state and I too, was leery at first of putting out so much money on a pup I hadn't seen.  However, after doing much research, I came to the conclusion that Jack really knew the most about these rare dogs.  He kept in constant contact with me.  I knew as soon as I saw BO DANG that I wanted a pup that looked just like him. 

That is how it all got started.  I ended up with BABY BO DANG who looks exactly like his daddy!  After I had Baby BO DANG for about 2 hours, I knew I had to have another one, and then came Sakuna, a black female. These two dogs are the greatest.  Jack was wonderful do work with and I recommend him highly.  He has more experience with this breed than anyone else and it only made sense to go with him.    I told him what I wanted, and trusted him to find it for me.  There just comes a time when you just have to trust someone.    I do not think you will regret getting YOUR dream dog from Jack. 

The blue pups are very, rare, and are usually very expensive.  I saw Mike's dog "BIG" when I got my Sakuna.  Big is a very large blue male and he was gorgeous.  He is the only blue I have seen. I trust Jack, his pups are wonderful.  He is not going to lie to you and sell you something you don't want or something other than what he promised you.  Why should he deceive you?  It makes no sense.  He is a good guy and knows what he is doing.  I can't wait to get another TRD from him. Let me know if I can be of further help.  Feel free to email me anytime.

Sincerely, Katie Fortenbacher 

"I know my Redeemer lives!"



Hello again,

Here in the USA the blue TRD is the one most people want. The rareness of the blue color is what makes it the most desired.  They are only worth what people will pay for them and that goes for ANYTHING. Perfect conformation, perfect ridge, black markings on the tongue, and color is what gives you the price difference. If you go to http://groups.msn.com/THAIDOGFAMILY the dog with the beautiful Thai lady, is BO DANG.  He is my baby's daddy.  I think BO DANG is the most gorgeous dog EVER!  He is a Super Red.  I like him better than any TRD -

I wanted a pup just like him and that is exactly what I got.   If you want a dog to show, or to breed you want the best specimen that meets the breed standard. Unless you are really into breeding-- I wouldn't recommend it.  If your friends want one like yours, have them get one from Jack.

Breeding and taking care of a litter is MASSIVE hard work, IF you want to do it right. I raise Jack Russell Terriers, and let me tell you, it is 24/7 work.  The TRDs would be even more so because they are much bigger.  I'm not telling you what to do- just know that it is NOT easy to raise puppies.  Mom is done with them at about 4 weeks which means now YOU have to clean up after them.  Unless you clean up the poop or pee immediately-- they walk in it, lay in it etc. 

Then they need to be bathed, and dried and by that time, another one left a mess-- and on it goes.  Then you have to find great homes.  That alone is very time consuming and is not easy to do. They need to be dewormed at least twice before going to their new homes, and they need a vet check and their first vaccines.   You must also be willing to take the pup back if the owners no longer want it.  Each pup needs extensive handling and care. 

Like I said- it is a lot of work.  And all of that is with a healthy litter and dam.  This doesn't count the emergency C-section, or still-born pups, etc.  So there is a lot to think about when deciding whether or not to breed. The main thing is to decide what SEX, COLOR, and Temperament YOU want.  Then the PRICE you are willing to pay, not including the shipping etc.

THEN let Jack know and he will then work with you to find you the perfect pup for YOU.

The TRD is not the breed for just anyone.  They need FIRM but GENTLE guidance and correction.  They just shut down if you are too harsh with them.  They need socialization and should be taken to obedience classes.  They are also loyal and very loving, very smart, a bit stubborn at times.   I think they are just wonderful dogs and I am so thankful that I have two.  Both of them are just love babies!! Very clean and cat like. As far as any difference in personality between the colors-- I do not know, that is something you must ask Jack.

The only things you have to go on in buying a dog from Jack are his word, testimonials from other buyers, and pictures.  That is it.  The rest comes down to trust. If you go to the link I gave you.  Click on Pictures, then go to page 2 and check out TheSixthDay-- that is my grand daughter with my two TRDs. Click on the album to see the pictures.

Sincerely, Katie  Fortenbacker  Snohomish,WA

"I know my Redeemer lives!"


From Jennifer Wheeler in Arlington, VA who owns 3 TRD...

Hi -
I know you are in contact with Jack regarding a blue female TRD. I have had
my red TRD for over a year from a breeder in Maryland - who I would not
recommend. I have a blue male (Brenner's brother) and a black female from
Jack. I have had them for about a month now.

I just wanted to let you know that you are working with the most experienced TRD breeder/seller and he is in the TRD motherland! He knows which pups are worth $3000 and which are worth $1000. That is what he does - just that simple. You have contacted the best and you can rest assured that he will get you the best TRD for your $$.

I went to Jack after my experience with the quality of TRD I got from
an American breeder who does not know the TRD. Both of my TRD are EXACTLY
as described. I talk to him all the time and he emailed me numerous photos
of my boy and his progress. There were NO surprises with him. I could not
be happier with my TRD family! I even talk to him now via camera over the
internet. He shows me all of his TRD and it is really great.

He gets to see that the TRD he sent to me are equally in a good home as it is a risk he takes everytime he lets a TRD go. It is not just about money, but it also
about the quality of a home the TRD are going to receive - trust goes both
ways. I would be happy to phone you or you can feel free to call me as
well. My cell is 703-869-5205.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Jennifer Wheeler Arlington, VA


From Jeanette Husman in Hays, VA who bought a total of 9 TRD from me!


Good Day, I will vouch for Jack...pretty much he is a man that what you ask for is what you get. You want a 3k blue dog, you get just that. He is a business man to the utmost, so of course he also has to make sure his investments are solid with all money up front. I have purchased 9 dogs through Jack Sterling, consisting of all colors; 4 blue, 3 red, 2 black. I have fronted him over 15 K in cash and received exactly what I asked for.

I am not sure if you are concerned about the quality or cost, but either way Jack has never done me wrong and no one I know personally with dogs either. Since I recently brought back 13 dogs from Thailand, 7 of them for other people....they are all happy and over half of those dogs were blue, the other half black and red. ciao and have a nice day

Jeanette Husman  Hays, VA

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