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Angela Keys TRD seems to have a major problem with her female escaping.. I called her as soon as I recieved her email to comfort her and tell her this would be very common in some of the TRD to do once they arrive in a new home as all she wants to do is come back home to me...and that is a long trip home..I suggested to build a higher fence in her yard and a 1m x1m x2m steel cage as I have here as it can be wheeled into any garage or back porch area. If she does this simple build of a big steel cage...she will have no more problems...This cage is NOT a cruel thing to put a dog in at all but a safe and simple way of keeping a dog from just running off and end up hurting herself even more or even get hit by a car or truck. Build it..they will stay!!!


Hello Jack,

I need help!  I don't know what to do.  My black female Lucy, is so paranoid.  All she wants to do is run away and escape.    Jeannette warned me that my new female pup had escaped her twice, climbing a fence.  So, I took her home and let the two pups pee and poo putting them into the kennel and returned to work.   The first day she came home, I had her in the kennel and was at work.  My boyfriend Mark, came home early and thought he'd let the pups out for a pee to help me out. As soon as they got outside, she ran and hopped the fence and was gone. He called me and I left work immediately. We chased the dog for 6 hours around the neighborhood (at speeds of twenty five + mph!) until we realized we were never going to catch her. I went home in tears and my boyfriend stayed out until 3am tracking her and watching her. We finally decided that her airline kennel was the only thing she was familiar with so we set up the kennel where we had seen her the most.

We put food in it the next day and hoped she'd at least find it and eat and get some water. Then we rigged it the next night so that if we pulled it closed while she was in it we'd trap her. Well, it rained all night and she never went near it. So at midnight the 3rd night, we set out to catch her again. With camoflauge on, radios charged and a "McDonalds" double cheese burger in hand, we waited. Finally, at 2:30am she popped out, tired and hungry. She went in the kennel, I gave the signal and my boyfriend yanked the door shut from behind. ! One bark later we had her back!  Whew! Yeah! We did it! I thought we'd never get her back.  

So, after a lot of thinking of what to do, I thought maybe she just needed a little extra love and socializing. A week later, I put a choker chain and an extra collar (for a little extra security) and took her for little ride to my mom's house to visit. My mom took her while I went to the bathroom and she went outside. When I came out of the bathroom, I immediately began to panic when I realized they went outside.  No sooner than I got outside did I hear my mom shout, "No Wait, Come Back!"  I just started to cry. ( apparantly, the choker was the only thing attached to the leash and one ear popped out and when my mom went to put it back in she gave the choker some slack and Lucy was "runnin' Lucy" once again.) 

I called my boyfriend to tell him the news. My mom has about 40 acres of cornfield behind her house one of which my new pup was in. He went home, grabbed the male and the kennel and laid down a scent and went home to wait.  The next day my stepdad called, and told me that the dog seemed to like him because even though she wouldn't get within ten feet of him she bark at him and followed him all over the place. I went over there after work to begin the next stake-out, but after I saw the way she took to my stepdad (from afar) I decided that he would be able to catch her with a doggie treat within a day or so, so I went home.  

[Lucy was thinking dear old dad was Papa JACK...I betcha] say Jack...

My stepdad called me about 11:30 that night and said he caught her and she wasn't happy about it, come get her.   I had her back again!  Ok, we need a harness, a collar and a choker to keep this puppy in line. So, all doors are to remain shut and only opened with parental supervision. Of course my daughter is only six and will forget this from time to time. So, out the door goes Lucy!  So, I yell at my boyfriend's son to hold the door open and I'll chase her back in. It worked... this time!!  All-right we have to do something, but I don't know what.

So, I keep a very close watch on her and never take her out without a leash and at least one collar and a choker. We worked our way up to taking short walks around the block, which she seemed to hate as she did everything except the kennel. Well, we got to jogging together and for whatever reason she fell down and I went to "help" her or at least pet her and she got up and made a mad dash to wherever, yanking the leash out of my hand. I yelled her name hopelessly.

The weeks I'd spent babying her, petting her, and letting her lick my face, meant nothing to her as she ran full throttle- away.  I went home sad - again. I had a feeling that at this point she'd come back home, but I wasn't sure.  I'd be able to catch her when she came, so I left the door open.  About 30 minutes later she came strolling in wagging her tail.   I've never seen a puppy act like this. She completely ignores me and she's so scared of everything that I don't know what to do. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I have never had a puppy that didn't want anything to do with social interaction. I just can't take her getting loose again and the precautions I have to take with her are a bit extreme, making a walk, that should be enjoyable for all of us, a stressful task.   After all of that, I absolutely love my blue male. He is already housebroken, and is beginning to learn simple commands.   Please help, this is about more stress than my basement flooding.

Has anyone else had this happen? I feel like a complete loser.  

Angela Keys Columbus, OH


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