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NO, Angela! you're not a loser...you are just learning as all new TRD owners learn about this incredible breed of dog. I will do all I can to help your solve this problem..Many TRD are like this and It is difficult to tell each new owner all the pitfalls in getting a new TRD pup at 4-6 months of age. Once she realizes you are the master and that is home... she will wonder off again and again and will always come home. They know now they are in a new home and are tryiong to deal with that.. but if you need to go to work at a certain time you want to know they are safe and sound before you leave. Within time she will realize you are the master and she will stay put.

ATB. Jack Sterling



Jennifer Wheeler TRD has this to say about Angela Keys TRD situation...

Hello Angela,

I have had some experience with Sunee (my 1.5yr old red TRD) running away. Fortunately for me she does not climb my fence and is ok for walks. First advice - rechip her so if she is caught they can find you. I have spent a few hours trying to catch Sunee and the one thing that has worked for me is high end treats. I think you are going to have to spend more time with her trying to get her to understand good things come from being with you. Google for a product called Great Bait. It is a liver treat which comes frozen and you thaw it out. I would take a few of those with you on a walk and intermittently give her some as you walk so she associates good things from staying with you on a walk.

As far as the fence - you got me since she climbs it - how about a 6 foot board on board? I put a 4 ft alum. fence in my front to stop them from running out of the front door and also encompassed my driveway as well to protect my back door. However, my little black girl can jump the gate from the back yard to the front. Luckily she has not associated that she could jump over the front or side fence.

Where do they sleep? I do think I get extra bonding from them sleeping in the room with me. Mine do sleep with me, but I know trainers will say a bed on the floor is more appropriate (and it is definitely better if you can get them to stay on the floor). Lastly, find a very knowledgeable dog trainer who will come to your home. I had one come here to assess and work with me and the dogs. It is very helpful to work with them where they live.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Jennifer Wheeler TRD Arlington, VA



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