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My conversation with Jack Sterling of Baan SAKORN TRD

Let me tell you that Baan Sakorn's website is great and really grabs the attention and interest for the breed. However, when you talk to him in skype, you will see a man with a lot of papers on his desk, dressing like he is going to the beach, anyway from that point you start thinking about if he is a schemer as well.However, he is the real deal, he talked to me about his personal life and his puppies; let me tell you he is proud about them and now I understand him.
He was very kind of showing me his kennel and the puppies and explained to me all about the purchasing process, shipping, etc. In case someone is hesitant about doing business with him, let me tell you that you can read or hear a lot of good and bad things about him but I suggest you talk to him first and with some of his customers and you will find out that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAT WORDS. He is a proud breeder of Thai Ridgebacks and what you see is what you are going to get and the set price.

My buying experience with Baan SAKORN TRD..

After my first conversations with Baan Sakorn, I explained to him that I would like a pet quality puppy that will suit my family. He kindly shows me a black male and we set the price for the puppy, cage, and shipping. He gave me his bank account number and I paid him in advance for it with no contract signing more that his word. Let me tell you that I was very concern about trusting him about if he will deliver the puppy or not. You will be on the same way until you get the dog on your hands.

Let me tell you this, if he promises you a dog, he will deliver.

Before I continue with my testimonial, let me tell you that, beside him showing you the puppy; he will show you the cage where the dog is going to be shipped. I will strongly recommend you to buy the one with wheels and double floor. You will not use the wheels at all but the extra floor will keep the dog clean during the trip. In case the airlines ask you about the cage dimensions, they are 32''x22''x22''. The weight depends on the dog but I think is not more that 50lbs gross weight including the dog and the cage.

The shipping process..

Shipping a dog half way of the world from Thailand to USA may sound very complicate it but he will make it easy for you as he has the experience for it. In my experience, he shipped my puppy and 2 more from Thailand to LAX and he ship it on Thursday 27th around 7:30 pm USA pacific standard time and the puppies arrived at LAX on Friday 28th at 6pm. The shipping was via Thai Cargo Airways and as soon he paid for the shipping, the airline will call you and let you know that the puppy will arrive on a specific day and time.

The pick up..

The pickup is very simple but planning is very important or you will get lost. The place where you will receive the puppy is Los Angeles, California and they will arrive at LAX Thai Air Cargo.

That is the place where three guys who never met before arrived for one purpose only: to pick up their puppies. I drove all the way from Northern California, leaving my hometown at 10:50am on the 28th empty handed and I came back on Saturday 29th at 3:30am with my precious BAAN SAKORN TRD. Jason Coley came from Atlanta and Tim Bruner came from Austin, Texas. Three men guided by a start came from three different places of the earth and met together for one single purpose.

I think something similar happened 2000 years ago somewhere in earth. I will advise you to plan ahead of time and consider rent a car or get a cab. In addition, you should Google the places where you have to go in the following order: Los Angeles LAX or your hometown to Thai airways cargo; Thai airways cargo to customs and border protection; customs and border protection to Thai airways cargo; Thai airways cargo to your hometown. He may ship your puppy or the puppies under your name; even though there is only one puppy for you. If so ask him what you will need to do.

When you pick up your puppy, you will go to Thai airways cargo and Customs and Border Protection and this is what you will expect on each office. Thai airways cargo: that will be the first stop and the people up there are very friendly and kind and you just tell them that you are expecting a puppy from Thailand. As soon as the puppy arrives, they will give you the documents and you have to go to Customs and Border Protection to release them.

Customs and Border Protection Office: in there, you bring the papers you got from Thai airways cargo and show them to the officer from behind the window. Perhaps you will be scared because you are going to be interviewed by a government officer but just calm down and remember that you are not doing something illegal, you are just going to release your puppy. The officer will question you; that is his job. He may ask you why you are getting a puppy or puppies from Thailand, What do you do for living, are you going to breed them?, how much did you pay for?, did you pay in dollars or Thailand currency? Remember that you are just picking up your puppy for companionship so if in your mind your answers are not so tell them that you are getting a puppy from Thailand for companionship and that it is priceless because it is your loving pet. They might make you sit and wait while they call a supervisor so you will be in suspense; but after 5 minutes they will release the papers and you are ready to go back to Thai airways cargo to get your puppy and get back home. Remember, when you import a sort of goods, and that certain good is more than $2500.00 you have to get a broker. Otherwise, no need for it. Your puppy is priceless; it is a very sentimental value.

After you release the documents from Customs, you go back to Thai airways cargo, show them the documents and that puppy is all yours. Do not open the cage there as there is no enclosed area except the office. I suggest you wait until you get in your car or truck or back home to enjoy it every single moment of your life.

What are my experiences from this adventure?

I was able to show and teach my kids about schemers. As Ronnie James Dio said in his song "don't talk to strangers".

I met great people with something in common: the love of a dog. I met Jason Coley, and Tim Bruner.

I was able to communicate better with my kids; even though I was sad they could not come with me for the pickup; but I see a smile in their face every day and that is priceless and that is what matters to me. I breathe for them, I live for them and I will continue doing it until the end of my days.

With a broken back and degenerating joints in my neck, I was able to hold the entire nonstop driving to pick up the puppy. I felt like Iron Man. Remember that when there is a will, there is a way. In addition, I got that feeling like when you where a child and got your first bike or toy. Ah, those where good times and never going to come back.

Finally, I thank all the people who helped me in all the process and if some of you guys are thinking about getting a Baan Sakorn TRD puppy, do not hesitate and do it.

If you have any questions, email me and I will be happy to talk with you, "Ruben Mendoza",

I got a beautiful BAAN SAKORN TRD puppy and I am now starting to save up for another one.


Ruben Mendoza

Baan Sakorn's "Bronte" from the March 2011 litter is now 1 year old..

Hello Jack and Jeab,

After 10 months with our beloved Bronte, on her birthday, we can reflect on how delighted we are to have her company. I will however say that having had many other dogs including 5 German Shepherds and 2 Dobermans, she is in a class all her own. Aside from the fact that she is brilliant, loving, and sensitive, she is only truly that way to our household. Friends have been coming to my house since she was 7 months old and she still growls at them. Occasionally, she nips the pool guy or the maid on the hamstring, I think, just to let them know they are intruders basically. If she is indicative of the breed in her mannerisms, I'd strongly caution prospective owners to think twice unless they have the time to devote to obedience training, the patience to accept the quirkiness,the space to let this agile dog have its exercise,  and the ability to control this animal by constant reinforcement and training. This breed, beyond a doubt, is not for everyone. We have 4 cats and 2 other dogs which she was raised with and she still puts fear in their hearts regularly. She has cost me over $1000 in vet bills in the last 10 months from playful injuries with the other 2 dogs. I don't know that we can ever leave her alone in the same room with the other dogs when we go out. We still kennel her out of fear of a bloodbath upon our return. She is one tough, determined, alpha female dog seemingly incapable of assuming her rightful roll as third in command in our house. We can deal with it but I cannot believe that everyone can. Like I said I've had aggressive dogs before 3 of which that were attack trained and she would make then seem like pussycats. Don't get me wrong, I believe her devotion to us is unequivocal. She responds to my every command instantaneously., but we still have figured out how to take a vacation and leave her in the hands of someone else. She is so sensitive that I hate to kennel her, but I've yet to "train " a friend to handle her.  
I'd caution anyone thinking about this breed. They need to devote an extreme amount of time to discipline and training properly applied to facilitate a successful outcome. They need to have enough yard space to give this breed space to exercise daily or frustration could thwart all their efforts. These are extremely brilliant , and demanding, yet sensitive dogs . That cannot be overemphasized. I have been involved ingraining and owning dogs for over 40 years and this one is in a class all her own, for sure.

On Friday, Sep 16, 2011 at 11:24 AM Bangkok time,
Jason Ensign <jasonensign@hotmail.com> wrote to a Doug, a gentleman who was or is interested in his only BLUE female...

Hello Doug,

I'm about to go to sleep now, but if your serious about a TRD. I wouldn't look any further than Jack Sterling. I was at first skeptical about a man living in another country; however, I paid him well in advance for Maikee and Jack followed through on everything he said.

I will again be paying Jack in full 3 months in advance for my new TRD and am not in the least bit worried. If you need to chat just send me an email and I'll give you my cell number. By the way. That female really is amazing looking. You can already tell even at this point. All litters do have some rug rats, but she is very pretty. Hope this helps,


Jason Ensign testimonial

Papa Jack,
I am writing to give back to the breed(er) which brought me so much joy. This is the story of my Sterling TRD The Crown Prince Snoop Dog aka(Snoop, Snoop D & Maikee III.) This is for those current TRD owners and also for the future TRD owners. First let me begin with the fact that I do not write a lot. Snoops Story began before I had known that he would be my TRD. One of my friends Matt Boud purchased a Super Blue TRD from Jack Sterling which I had the pleasure of meeting on multiple occasions. If i'm not mistaken he was a brother to one of the Sakorns. I would occasionally care for Matt's TRD and become an instant fan of the breed. Finally after graduationg college and many conversations with a few skype sessions to see the dogs thrown in. I tried to retain Jacks wealth of knowledge on the breed and the pros and cons that the TRD breed has and had finally decided to purchase a TRD. At the time Jack had quite a few different litters with an overwhelming number of pups. All the pups were completelly adorable. After tossing back and forth between the blue, black and red colors I finally noticed a few pictures of this one TRD. He was already 6 months old and his coat was blue. He had a ridge from his shoulders to his tail that was the best any one could ask for. His tail was straight and curled upward and his teeth were perfect. He had what seemed to be a light lazy eye which made him look in my opinion like the rapper snoop. I arranged for shipping and excitedly waited for my new TRD's arrival. Upon the plane landing the people behind the desk told me that they went to unload my TRD and that his cage door was knocked out and he was missing in the cargo bay of the plane. About 30 minutes later and out came Maikee III. He was still a little groggy from the tranquilizers but quickly came to when I opened a can of food. I ate and drank and went to the bathroom and we packed him up for the ride home. I have countless stories of his escapes by chewing through the doggie door and the gate on the side of the house or jumping our 6ft brick wall without even touching it. He had amazing speed and neverending energy. He chewed through my bedroom door making me replace it 3 times in total. The last time I just left the door with the hole up... He was a master at getting any sort of food that had been left out and would constantly pop his front two paws onto the kitchen counter to grab some snacks for himself. He lived happily with a black lab and a chocolate lab without ever once fighting. He was like my little kid. He would accompany me in the jeep or dodge ram to various drive throughs and hated whenever I had to leave him. He would sleep in the bed and cuddle for warmth. My current wife who at the time was my girlfriend tried to kick him out of the bed and he would plant himself and growl at her as if to say I was here first and I'm not going any where. She eventually fell in love with him and then out of nowhere came the horrible story below.

I am deeply saddened to have to write this e-mail to you. Monday Jan 24th I had to put my TRD "Snoop" Down. The past few days have been extremely aganizing as you might know I became very attached to Snoop throughout our Years together. He was an amazing dog that I will not soon forget. I brought him to the vet on Saturday because he had been loosing his appetite and had thrown up the previous 3 days with a few times that saturday morning. After cooking him his favorite meal of egg rice and meat He had again vomited. I rushed him to the vet where his blood tests came back fine. Then his X-rays came back fine. At this point he was scheduled to come back home on sunday afternoon. I recieved a call that he was rapidly deteriorating that saturday and that they would not have time for an ultrasound. The next morning they preped him for exploratory surgery to find if something had been lodged in his intestine or what the problem was. I recieved the call from my vet at around noon stating that they had him open and that it didn't look good. His lower intestine had rolled back over itself and that could most likely be fixed "they had a medical term that started with an I for it"; however, it had gotten down to his colon and had killed off the part where the intestine connects. He said that even in the best hands Snoop would have a slim survival rate around 2% and if he did survive would not live a normal dog life anymore. I had to make the gut wrenching decision to put Snoop to sleep for the final time and am still just now realizing how much he was a part of my life. As you said when I first acquired him "He will be your shadow" and he was that and so much more. I will be looking to get his replacement in the future. But as for now I am still in a state of shock and grief.
There is a happier ending to this story as I noticed Sakorn had a new litter and now my wife and new baby and I are all eagerly awaiting "Snoop II"
If any of the other Maikee owneres would like to update me with photos occasionally it does make me feel better since they all looked so similar. Please feel free to contact Jack to get my E-mail I would be more than happy to get updates especially the birthday updates.
Thanks for all the wonderful times that I had recieved from my TRD Maikee III - Snoop,

Jason Ensign


To whom it may concern,

I recently picked up my 7 week old TRD blue female from Baan Sakorn TRD Ranch in Chiang Mai, Thailand and she has proven to be a bundle of joy! I already had 4 cats and 2 Min Pins and she is having a ball chasing them around bonding with them.

I flew to Chiang Mai to pick her up as I wanted to see how they raised and treated their pets. Being a dog breeder as well in my past of German Shepherds don't take pet adoption lightly. It's extremely important that one is comfortable with the way a future pet has been raised and nurtured. In the past , some people have occasionally criticized for the caging or kenneling dogs, but I choose to say that they are, for the most part, well cared for and happy. All dog handlers and breeders use cages and kennels to contain dogs of the nature of a TRD. Most dogs can get used to a good kennel life fairly easily. His dogs have large kennels each which they accept as their comfort zone. They let them out into runs several times daily to clean the kennels and for them to play with each other and his help. They are currently busy building a house as well as all new improved runs and kennel areas which , I'm sure, their dogs will appreciate.

If you decide to purchase one of Baan Sakorn TRD's, and can venture to Chiang Mai to do so, you'll find him a consummate host. I enjoyed great meals, massages, and conversation with him and I found him quite intelligent, engaging, and a world wise fountain of knowledge. Our time together was informative, fun, and, certainly, never boring. He had me register at the Baan Nam Ping Resort which also proved a unique and beautiful experience. I'd highly recommend to anyone thinking of adopting one of Baan Sakorn's pups to make the trip to Chiang Mai to be comfortable with their pet acquisition. Make a vacation of it.

You're going to share the next 10-14 years with your pet. Make sure you've made the right choice of breeder and pet. TRD's are certainly not for everyone. I can tell they need a lot of exercise, attention, and discipline. If one doesn't have the time or inclination to any of those parameters, forget this breed. Having bred German Shepherds and have owned Dobermans, in the past. I felt comfortable assuming the adoption of our little girl. I intend to spend a lot of time training her and look forward to watching her learn as she grows up.
I'll be more than happy to talk with anyone concerning or the pups. He can always give my contact info to any prospective pet owner.
George Calamaras,
Phuket, Thailand

Chris Ryza's two beauties.. I know he is very proud of them both.
How can you not LOVE this foto?? The hair is a prefect match..

(You too are so beautiful...)

Hello Everyone,

I received my Baan Sakorn TRD when she was 3 months old. Meghan is now 5 months old and she is a truly incredible dog! She has a loving ad sweet temperament. She bonded so quickly with my wife, my 6 year old daughter and I, it's like she has always been a part of our family. She also gets along beautifully with our German Sheppard and our 2 cats. Not only is her temperament wonderful, she is also extremely intelligent. House breaking her was very easy. She is also is a fast learner when it comes to commands. She is a beautiful dog and is very agile and athletic. This is my first TRD and even though I've only had her a short time I couldn't be happier and could not imagine not having her as part of my family. This is an amazing breed and I plan on purchasing another Baan SakornTRD in the future. Thank-you so much !!!

Chris Ryza, Stockton Ca.

Contact Chris Reza @ <cryza@live.com>, and ask him about his new SUPER RED BAAN SAKORN TRD called "MEGHAN"

Natalia Arbatskaya of Moscow, Russia writes:

Baan Sakorn, you are the best!!!

I bought two TRD. A super awesome blue male you called Rocky 7 years ago and another blue female from Royal Kennels. I still have your TRD, Rocky and gave away the blue female I got from James TRD as she was just too stupid. You clearly have better dogs than he does and from what I see here in Russia better dogs then what is here. Baan Sakorn you are the best in TRD!!!


Mah Thai Lung Ahn Thai Ridgeback Dog

Mr. J.P. Paraschos has always wanted a BLUE TRD female for a very long time. He has waited since January 1st to get this very special BLUE female I call CHOMPOO. My moving from my old kennel to a new kennel and his moving into a new place has caused the ship date to be delayed several times. Finally, on March 31 at the age of 6 months and 4 days CHOMPOO was finally shipped to a very eager new TRD owner.. Then the worse thing that anyone could imagine happened.. She got herself LOST!!
Sakorn -
Chompoo is now finally home safe after 12 days on the run.

She arrived in Syracuse on the morning of March 31, in good health, but she seemed wide-eyed and a wee bit shell shocked. Nonetheless, she was gentle and receptive to attention, if a bit timid.
I got her home that afternoon, made a bed for her in her crate, and just let her relax for the rest of the day. The crate door was open, but she was perfectly content to stay in the crate and rest.
The next morning, I fed her at 8 and waited a little bit to take her outside. I had a collar on her, which, frankly I feared might be a bit too tight (completely wrong on that, but more in a minute...) clipped on the leash, and she didn't want to walk. No amount of encouragement would get her up; she just lay there like a wounded deer, with her spindly legs curled up under her. An Oscar nomination is pending for that, as I carried her a few paces outside, set her down, and -- BAM! -- she ninja'd out of the collar in an instant and took off like a rabbit (with one quick pause about 50' away to relieve herself ... "good girl!").
I live in the woods, but near a very busy road, and she just disappeared once she got into the brush. I followed as best I could, calling her name and begging for her to return... but she doesn't yet know me at all, and 48 hours earlier was in the jungle in Thailand. I had no chance.
I visited the neighbors, telling them to please look out for the pup. A couple of neighbors have dogs, and "dogs attract dogs", so I thought there'd be a chance she'd go there.
It was a misty 50 deg day, and my neighbors are not "close", so I drove. As I pulled back into the drive at 1030, there she is... sitting on top of my picnic table! Holy Crap! I open the truck door, step out slowly and say her name ... at which point, she's off like a bolt again into the woods. Fantastic. During the next 24 hours, she came by every few hours, walking around the yard and sniffing. Any time she'd see me, or I'd call to her, she'd vanish in a blur of legs and fur into the woods.
Further to your instructions, I walked around spitting everywhere, chewing up some chicken bits and spitting them out, and peeing on trees ("howdy neighbor!"). She didn't return that night, and I called all the local animal authorities the next day ... trouble is, she has no collar or other identification (excepting the "asian" chip that U.S. veterinarians can't read). Friends and I walked the area for hours, knowing it'd do no good to try to grab her, even if we saw her. I knew getting a dog would help me get more exercise, but this wasn't what I had in mind. I got lots of exercise, but no sleep.
Over the next few days, I left the food nearer and nearer the house, then on the patio, and finally inside the enclosed porch (propping the outer door open so she could get in). I'd catch glimpses of her at night, as she'd set off the motion lights coming and going, but there was no way I'd be able to get my hands on her. I left the shipping crate on the porch, open, as the evenings were very chilly and wanted to provide her some familiar shelter with a blanket. One morning I got up to find not only had she eaten the food, but she'd taken the thin blanket that I'd left in the crate! I was clearly outclassed.
This went on for several days. I set up a line so I could pull the outer porch door shut if I happened to catch her in the porch eating, but she seemed to come in the wee hours of the morning or while I was at work. I'd see her one day, and the neighbors would report seeing her the next. I really got the feeling she was roaming within about a 250 yard radius, but there are coyotes and other meanies out there, so I was still quite concerned.
Finally, a friend and I set up a plank, linked to a trigger release that was holding a pin. The pin was connected via a line to a weight that would pull the door closed. We put a bowl of food in the corner, so she'd have to step on the trigger to eat.
I got home at 2 am on Wednesday morning, to hear that eerie howl in the porch. Glad I'd heard it before, when my cat got too close on the first day, or I'd have thought I caught a werewolf.
Twelve days after her escape, she was back at home ... now sporting both a harness and a tine collar ... a little skinnier, but safe and sound. Still timid, but hopefully that will change as she adjusts.
I thought about renaming her "AWOL" or "PRD (for passive resistance dog, as she's never growled, nipped or barked, even when putting the harness on her, and just acts like deadweight when I try to get her to walk) but I think "Sriracha" is going to stick.
I'll stay in touch as things go forward.
JP Paraschos

Here is that fireman I told you about... Qiyamah Khalifah work his job saving lifes and putting out fires in Kansas City, KS who just bought a BLACK TRD puppy from me out of that litter I sent to Robert Jackson in Stockton, CA. Now, he tells me he want a FAWN female as well.

Hi ,

Here are few pics of Anubis and my kids.. we really LOVE this puppy and I want a fawn one next in a few more months.

Hey Jack,

I just want to thank you for giving me this chance to own the best puppy possible from your current litter... I also want to thank Rob Jackson in Stockton, CA who went out of his way to make this possible.. The TRD breed of dog to me is the smartest dog in the world. They pick up on things with no problem so training him is a snap! He's so very brave and loyal...as well, but the thing that I love the most is that he's great with my family..You and Rob truly have amazing dogs. I hope more people soon discover how really great they are. I totally recommend you and Rob to all who see him and to anyone who is reading your website. You two guys truly are the best in TRD.

Que Khalifah

A Personal note from Jack Sterling:
Que Khalifah is considered a true hero as he puts his life on the line each and everyday as a fireman...



I have about a decade of showing experience as well as agility, conformation, and weight pull. We have been working on obtaining our judge ships for many years.

I have been looking for a breed that will do well in our home and with our family. I have been watching your breed for awhile, and when I saw the video of the dog jumping walls and fences it struck me as a dog that would do very well in performance sports in particular.
I have a few questions about the breed, how far along is it in its development in the US? Are there any breeders in the US?

How much health testing has been done on the breeding stock, are their any health issues to watch out for specifically for this breed? How difficult is it to buy a pair of puppies for breeding/showing? How does their temperaments compare to that of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a breed I am far more familiar with?

If we decide to go with this breed, we would be looking for a blue male and dark red female that has one parent as a blue. You have a picture of a stunning silvery blue male on this page I believe that is one of the most magnificent dogs I have ever seen. I will attach the photo, I would love a magnificent male like this.

I have three girls, so temperament is a concern we are looking for a house dog and family pet as well as one that can compete well in agility and conformation.

I would really like to talk to you,

Warm Regards,
April White

I CC'ed this email from April white to my dear TRD friend and Sterling TRD owner, Mr. Kevin Sarkki who I totally respect to come up with his view...

Hello April,
Jack Sterling forwarded your email to me as you included a picture of our TRD, "Big," in your message.  

As you rightly pointed out, the TRD is a magnificent breed in appearance. And truth be told, our TRD is only "pet" quality as he does not conform to the best standards—imagine that!  

We are not breeders or professional handlers, just a family with three dogs and two daughters. So I cannot offer you professional insight, just observations from having cared for our TRD since Aug, 2008.  

We told Jack about our then 9 year old female Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and 5 year old female Rat Terrier, so he sized up the situation and determined which of his stock would be most suitable. A male Blue TRD was chosen.  

While our Rhody is a mix, it does exhibits much of the same traits as a RR. We watched the feature documentary "Den Mothers" so have a good understanding of the cult surrounding that breed. Here's a link to the film preview:  

The similarities are obvious, the Ridgeback, of course, then there's the strength, speed, and so many endearing qualities. The key difference I can detect is that the TRD behavior more closely resembles the ancient breeds—it is a jungle dog after all. As such it is more reserved, independent and seemingly otherworldly. (For this reason I am not convinced our TRD could successfully compete in a contrived environment. Jack would know the breed's aptitude in staged events.) We soon realized that having a TRD was more akin to caring for a kangaroo than a common domesticated dog! We were stunned by its athleticism, jumping our 5 foot fence with aplomb, and by its innate intelligence—Houdini-like escape artist!
I'd say caring for a TRD will change your life more than a RR would, simply because you will learn more about yourself in the process. Like Jack emphatically states, "This breed is not for everyone." From what I've read, many have tried and failed to understand the breed, resulting in abandonment and worse. Clearly, too many cannot make the commitment required.
About our daughters, they were 16 when Big entered our home. Big immediately was attracted to them, and chose one as his favorite. This "one person dog" trait is fairly common from what I've read. When they return home he becomes most excitable, and a joy to watch as he transforms into an obedient force willing to do tricks for their patronage.
I guess the one issue that will occupy the minds of most TRD owners is containment. Outside, a border that is at least 6 feet tall and sturdy. Inside, don't leave the TRD caged alone for long, else any interior will not be recognizable upon return. In this regard, think of what would happen if you left a jaguar alone in your space! On leash, better have a solid strategy, given this breed's prey drive, if you know what I mean.
One last factor, best to have only TRDs sharing common ground. While our TRD gets along reasonably well with our other dogs, we have had a few bloody scuffles, nothing too serious though. The older female Rhody still wishes to assert her dominance as she was the canine matriarch for so many years. In her old age she has developed some incurable territorial tics. Having said that, all three can be seen daily sleeping side by side under the warm California sun.
Hope this helps in your decision making.
Regards, Kevin



When we told our friends and family that we wanted a Thai Ridgeback Dog and that we had to GO to Thailand to get it, most of our friends and family thought we were crazy- and that was before they figured out how much the whole ordeal would cost us- the logistics alone was enough to give you a headache just thinking about it. Japan has very strict quarantine and animal import laws (for example, you must submit a letter at least 40 days in advance of the import date with all the dogs information and yours as well), so we knew this would be no easy feat, but we were convinced it is what we wanted so we jumped through all the hoops to make it happen.

The process really began when shortly after my initial email to Jack Sterling about getting one of his puppies, he prompted us to join skype. I was already on skype so we just added each other and within minutes we were face to face (via computer) chatting about the dogs. Skype was really a great facilitator to this whole process because we were actually able to see puppies and adults right away- which set the hook. It also gave us more confidence about putting the money down to hold one of the pups until I was able to get there. Jack is very accessible through both skype and email so it was easy to chat back in forth on skype when I had questions before leaving.

After literally hours on the phone with the Japanese airlines to make the arrangements to have the pup on board for the flight back, I finally got everything booked and headed to Bangkok. I would have been happy to have Jack ship us the pup, but this wasn't an option for us, as neither of us could find any carriers that would go all the way from Chiang Mai to Naha, Okinawa (being that we aren't on mainland Japan); so I really had no choice but to go. It definitely wasn't a great trip for me as I was doing it all alone and as it was clearly a very inconvenient time for me to be there as Jack was moving his entire facility to a new location.

Jack said he could not be as helpful as normal due to his daily moving of his kennel and dogs. It really was a huge undertaking by anyone that is for sure. I saw what that old man had to go through dealing with all those people who were not what we would call very helpful, so it wasn't the best experience and by the last days I couldn't wait to get home with my new Sterling TRD puppy. Jack was really great about encouraging me to spend time with all the pups and pick whichever one I wanted; he didn't try to sell me a particular price or color or any pressure in that way. I was fortunate to be able to handle each of the pups and I must say it was a very difficult decision. My husband and I were set on a blue male, but upon seeing and interacting with them I was torn between a several of them- I was surprised how much I was drawn to the reds. In fact, it took me a few days to finally choose for sure.

The good news is I knew that no matter which puppy I took, we would be very happy with it- there were that many excellent pups to choose from. After factoring in personality, age, weight for the flight back, etc, I ended up with the blue male we picked out originally on skype and we are so happy with him. We named him Taji, as it means silver and yellow in Japanese (his father was blue, mother fawn so we found it quite fitting).

We had quite a journey back- a 15 hour train ride from Chiang Mai, day in Bangkok checking out the city, then the series of flights and customs. Long story/trip short, we made it through export in Bangkok and import in Tokyo and the final leg to Okinawa. I can't believe how after just two short weeks I am so impressed by this dog- I'm convinced he is the coolest dog ever- so mellow and snugly, yet loves to play and run around too. He is extremely intelligent and already shows off his athleticism. He is very bonded to me, and pretty timid with my husband but is coming around- after all, we've been through a lot together! They may have called us crazy, but Taji is worth it all and everyone who has met him or seen him on skype is eating their words.

I know we will buy another TRD in the future from Jack Sterling TRD and I thank Jack for providing such a wonderful pup to join our family. If you are thinking about having a pup shipped, I highly recommend you download skype! It is free and Jack is very happy to take time to show you pups and answer questions about the dogs and breed in general. It is the next best thing to going there and seeing them for yourself!

Brandi Beck
Okinawa, Japan

PS. "I strongly recommend if you plan trip to Chiang Mai to get your TRD from Jack Sterling to stay at the Baan Nam Ping Village Resort near his kennel.. It is a wonderful place to stay and my only regret was that my husband did not share this experience with me. The Baan Nam Ping Village Resort is just absolutely a wonderful place to stay while you are in Chiang Mai. And is a real plus in buying your TRD from Jack Sterling."


Papa Jack- it's little Jack and SaMing

Papa Jack,

I've been trying to contact you with my new e-mail so hopefully you will recognize it. Last wednesday, Feb 9th was SaMing's 6th birthday. If it wern't for you, I would not have a 75 lbs, truest to the breed, brave hunter, fierce guardian and great companion Thai Ridgeback Dog in my life. I put my faith and trust in you and SaMing is a testament to your breeding and passion for the breed. He enriches my life every day, and I want to thank you again, because of you I am a proud owner of a Sterling Thai Ridgeback.

All the best,
-Jack & SaMing


From: Tim Bruner
Dear Jack,

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Sorry about taking so long getting back to you but, I will be the first to say, I was kinda cautious at first, but all I knew was I wanted the real goshdarn thing and your TRD are well worth the money time effort and stress to get the babies 1/2 way around the world.

Once I got your puppy in my hands I did not care about what ever else I had to do , I was going get that boy home! Took the boy to the vet and was told that it was the strongest heart he has ever heard on a dog.

This baby boy sits in my lap all day gets along with my cats and follows me like a shadow! If anyone wonders if it is worth the effort or money tell them to call me and I will set them straight! I take pictures of him all the time and he is adjusting great !

I will admit all the f^^king stars have to be aligned sometimes to be able to get a puppy half way around the world and then fly in the US with him to home! A lot of planning and thought needs to go into it, and most of all be willing to put forth the effort. I will tell you people out there that are thinking of getting a TRD from Jack, you better have help with all the planning.

If it was not for Jason and Ruben I would not have been ever able to get my dog by myself! Thank god Ruben was able to show up with a truck and Jason had enough sense to map it all out on his lap top. Then we had a lot of luck with the time and places we had to go but we all got the puppies and we were all happy!

I am one extremely happy camper and I will let you know when the puppy's website is up !

Again thanks for the wonderful puppy and it was well worth it.

Tim Bruner
Austin, Texas


From: Jason Coley

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I am sorry that I was unable to get back with you after picking up Sakorn XXI, but I wanted to let the puppy (whom we have renamed Kimura) get settled in and to state my true feelings about all that has transpired in the last couple of months.  After our first conversation on Skype, my wife and I were a bit skeptical about what was going to transpire.  But you took every measure to get people from all around the world to contact us and help ease our worries with regards to taking a leap of faith and purchasing one of your puppies.  You promised us that we would have a beautiful puppy, which may be an understatement.  To say that he is anything less than regal would be a blatant lie.  You ensured us that he would be a strong-willed animal, but he would be well socialized.  We have found that because of the exemplary way in which you have socialized him, that he has fit into our family, or pack, perfectly.  And although he has been a bit strong-willed so far, the intelligence of these animals has enabled us to train him immediately, and with only minor hiccups.  You promised that getting him to the States would not be a problem and would not wear badly on the puppy--and it amazes me to say that you were right (there is no way that getting a dog from Thailand should have been this easy).  I find the only problem that I have had is my over-active imagination thinking that something had to go wrong.  

In order to show my gratitude for all the help that you have given us, I have sent a few little pictures that we have taken over the last couple of days of Kimura's homecoming.  I must say that other than Olivia, our cousin's toy chihuahua that he tried to eat, the whole family loves him.  I can't say that I am surprised he tried to eat said chihuahua, because you did promise me that he would have a strong prey drive.  

Thank you very much, Papa Jack, for letting us into your family of TRD owners.  So far, Kimura has been worth every penny.  

Jason Coley


From: Todd
This really saddens me to say this but SAKORN #1 passed at nearly 14 years of age and his old living offspring from the October 31st litter in 1997 Madison Ave. has just passed away.. MADISON was a very awesome girl.. I cried when reading Todd's letter..

Hello Jack,

I am absolutely heart broken as I write you this email. Miss Madison passed away last night, in my arms. She was such a wonderful, smart, beautiful girl and I thank you so much for bringing her into my life. I miss her so much and am sure you can understand.

I just wanted to let you know that I had 13 wonderful years with her from New York, to Washington DC, to Palm Beach and finally Miami Beach. She helped me immensely while I recovered from my accident and weathered life's up and downs.

Madison was so unique, elegant, smart and filled with personality. I miss her so much and just wanted to thank you for one of the best things I have ever had in my life.



Read what Dog Casey in Canada has to say about his new Baan Sakorn TRD

From: Doug Casey <doug@caseyservices.com>
Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 6:24 AM
Subject: RE: FW: Soon to be dog owner needs feedback
To: Jack Sterling <jacksterlingtrd@gmail.com>,

Hi Jack and everyone else…

I received Lea on Dec 9; she has been with us only one month but she is being a good dog staying at home for about 5 hours alone weekdays. I give her a good morning run and a mind boggling amount of food and water and she waits for one of the other family members to walk her. Smart beyond belief; she is already sitting heeling and shaking a paw. We are working on stay but she is very fascinated by my cats; more work to be done!

Jack raised a great puppy and helped me get her from Chaing Mai Thailand to Vancouver Canada with no surprises. I can offer some advice even at this early stage:

Chew toys: provide things you want your dog to chew or he/she will find something you likely don't want chewed

Space: if you have the space find a non carpeted room until the behavioral training is done (they like to dig into carpets)

Food: Garbage in garbage out but whatever you feed a TRD puppy you'd better have a lot of it.

Energy: You need to play with these animals, they crave contact with people and are very energetic. I'm running with mine.

We love our puppy and find her a lot of fun.

Thanks Jack.

To whom it may concern:

Do not believe or trust all about selling dogs on the internet... but there is one couple you can truly believe and trust in.

I am an expat living on the Thai island of Phuket for over 5 years now and believe me, I love my life here in Thailand. I was the owner of three dogs, a Pug , a Maltese Terrier and a Boston Terrier. At the beginning of November, my pug "Missy" died suddenly and as you can imagine, I was devastated beyond belief. I had bottle fed her myself from her fourth week on... she was my baby. And I cried like a baby when she passed away.

I love my dogs and I had no intention of getting another dog until one morning as I was walking on Nai Harn beach with my other two remaining dogs, I met a guy called Steve who had a very athletic looking dog that I didn't recognize the breed, after chatting to him he informed me his dog was a Thai Ridgeback Dog. My Boston Terrier was playing with this blue TRD and seemed to get on fine with this much bigger dog. It was then when I decided to maybe think about getting another dog as my two dogs were still pining for "Missy" and this was six weeks after her death. Steve informed me that this breed was bought from a guy in Chiang Mai we exchanged phone numbers and parted with Steve promising to forward the details to me. He gave me the details of the website www.ThaiDog.com for me to look at.
So, as soon as I got home I did just that. After reading all that was at this site, I decided to contact Mr. Sterling and ask about what he had in a blue male TRD right now ready to go. After speaking to Jack at length on the telephone for some time, I was convinced to go there and see them for myself in person. On arrival in Chiang Mai, I had booked into a resort called Baan Nam Ping www.BaanNamPing.com which is really close to Jack's kennel.
I gave Jack a quick call to let him know I had arrived and he asked me,

"When would you like to come and view the dogs?"

I said, "Immediately, if that was possible!" 

Jack said, "No problem,  I will come pick you up now!"

Which he did in about 5 minutes and on arrival at the Baan Sakorn TRD kennels, I met "Miss Jeab" his girlfriend who is a very lovely Thai lady who also looks after all the dogs as if they were her own children. I was shown around all the kennel runs and puppy pens which were very spacious and well maintained. After about two hours of being there and interacting with all the different pups that were ready to take home that day is when I decided not to take a blue pup that I though I had wanted from seeing that blue TRD on the beach, I changed my mind after seeing their red pups. These red pups were so beautiful and I ended up purchasing one of the 2 males in the October 2nd litter of "Rusty" and "Tony Qou Vadis" Jack's best two super reds. Actually this male pup chose me! 

I want to thank Jack and Jeab for all the time they took with me to tell me all about the breed which I found very informative. The next morning Jack gave me a call and asked me, "Would you like to go to the airport with me as I have to ship your for you to Phuket and three other dogs to the USA?"  I said, YES...Good idea!" as I was flying that day back to Phuket and I thought I can kill two birds with one stone. Well, I took all 4 puppies to Thai Air Cargo got all 4 shipped out. Then Jack and the very lovely Jeab dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight back to Phuket. I am writing this testimonial so people can see for themselves about my experience about getting my super red Baan Sakorn TRD male puppy who I now call simply RED. If anyone would like to contact me in regard to my experience please don't hesitate to contact me by my e mail.

PS "RED" is settling in just fine with my other two smaller dogs.

David Kelly

Also read what Mr. Kevin Sarkki, a very well respected TRD owner in San Francisco has to say about a new young lady's interest in owning a new BLUE male Baan Sakorn TRD...

I gave some thought to your dream of owning a Baan Sakorn TRD and would like you to consider the following: 

The TRD is not like any dog you have ever met, and most people in the dog community, even vets, will be awestruck by their presence—but equally important—that uniqueness brings misunderstanding.   

The TRD possesses jungle intelligence—this is not the type of smarts that will win flyball or obedience contests—but rather, a survival instinct more akin to that of a jaguar. 

So you have to ask yourself—what would happen if you put a TRD in a small closed container, like an apartment, with some domesticated dogs? 

Your TRD will likely demand that you treat it as king. Anything less will invoke a wrath of biblical (old testament) proportions. You may not recognize your dwelling upon returning home. 

Having said that, the TRD is capable of sweetness your pittie cannot touch,  and devotion your chihuahua cannot match.

Consider the TRD only if, and when, you can provide the attention it demands.  Many before you thought they could...

This is our testimonial about a TRD from Baan Sakorn TRD

For years, we have seen the "other" ridgeback breed called the TRD and since we already have a Rhodeisan Ridgeback, we often wondered about the two of them living together.

We looked at many websites now on the internet and we wanted the best that we could find direct from Thailand. Once we saw a photo of a young puppy on the www.ThaiDog.com website we downloaded SKYPE and had a chat with it's owner. He seem to know more about the breed than anyone else. We then decided on the puppy he had offered to us. He is wonderful, a very beautiful blue male with a very straight ridge. His conformation is outstanding and his coat is extremely short.

He currently lives with us in Poland, but the first winter was a shock to him. He told us these were jungle dogs and he thought he would hate the cold weather. He was right. He did hate the cold weather in his first winter here in Poland. We created for him a special "tailor-made" coat, but he does not like the shoes. He loves the sun and the heat on warm or hot summer days the most. That is why he sleeps in our bed.

He has a very interesting character. Even though he knows that people are very important because they give food, a nasty part of his character fights back against the obedient one which whispers: "be polite so you will get a reward (a cookie)". It took him quite a long time to get used to the new house but once he did it he did it for good.

He did not eat any cat and we still have all five of them. He fell in love with our RR, Enzi. He even helped us re-decorate our house by eating the all the old pillows and blankets making us renovate the antique armchairs. But never mind, they were already very old, ha, ha.

He has his room, in which we leave him when we go to work and he made us understand that the floor needed to be changed also. So, now the wood will be exchanged by the stone or tile. He likes most everyone and loves going for a walk. None of them is too short. He also loves the sand, the beach, and especially the water. so we often to the riverbank near our home. He extremely likes the forest which is very close to our residence,but he prefers the open space to just run. He loves running and playing with all the other animals in our area. He has even a great hunting instinct. For example, when it comes to digging out the leaves and other stuff form the earth and then eating them.

We had to wait for him a very long time because of the political tension in Thailand in the spring of 2010, He did travel to Poland via USA. But it was worth waiting and we would like to thank for allowing us to be his owners. Thanks to him our beloved TRD has such a wonderful and loving nature and temperament. Despite his long journey, he was able to adapt to all the new conditions he had to face after leaving his home in Thailand. He has grown into a super nice dog i must say. He is very keen to socialize with others and he adores learning.

Even though it is not easy for him in the beginning but we managed to train him into a super TRD today. But all this thanks to you and your stubborn character (in a positive meaning of course!) to send us a dog we decided to take and you promised us to have. We thank you also that you managed to involve your friends Jen and John to travel through the USA in order to catch a flight to Poland. We are happy that Sanoon is with us. His unearthly appearance makes people in Poland go crazy for him.

If all your other TRD are like this TRD you sent us that we names "Sanoon" all we can say to all those other people who are interested in the TRD breed is to buy them from Baan Sakorn TRD without any hesitation or thinking!

Also I would like to mention about good friends and fellow TRD owners who went way out of their ways to help us in getting Sanoon transported to Poland, First there was John Vogh in the San Diego area who drove from San Diego just to help recioeve Sanoon and then clear US customs for us. Then re-book him on a flight the next day. He had to deal with a new puppy as nice as Sanoon for only one night but has told us what a great puppy he was. We were so happy and relieved to know he was in good hands. Then he passed the transportation off to a very dear and wonderful lady, Jennifer Wheeler. Once she picked him up in Dc we knew it would be only a short time left.. Then she too after a night's rest in her home drove her car to NYC and to JFK airport to get him to the last person a personal friend of ours to bring our Sanoon home to Poland.. We want to personally in public thak all for their parts in helping us get this truly fantastic dog.. He is now a very well known dog in this part of Europe, people often search him by google, Thank you for selling us this dog and thank you John Vogh and Jen Wheeler for all your parts in getting this done.

In memory of my truly great Sterling TRD...
Jack Sterling's LUKCHAI born in 1999
and passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2011

This is thee 11th year testimonial..

I met Jack Sterling in 1999, and spent many hours talking over a long period of month as I waited for a puppy to be available. He was living in California at the time and the night my baby boy "Lukchai" was born he called me and sent a picture of all the puppies. When I went to Jack's home the pick out my puppy jack made me feel at home and all his dogs were so friendly, and they loved him a lot. The puppy I picked was shy and quiet, and became the best friend I could every want. He shared my life for over 11 years and gave me more love then I could ever ask for, when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer I was heart broken.

Jack was absolutely great as a TRD friend and was very supportive in my battle to save my baby boy, but on July 28 2011 LUKCHAI passed away. He just went to his favorite spot in the sun and laid down to just pass away peacefully. I can't begin to tell you all how much I loved him... I just loved him with all my heart and I want to publicly thank Jack Sterling for being such a good friend and for helping me have the best dog I could ever wanted.

I do not know when I will be able to open my heart to a new baby boy, but after knowing Mr. Jack Sterling for almost 12 years now and knowing part of LUKCHAI is still alive in the BAAN SAKORN bloodlines in all the other sons and daughters, I know when I am ready Jack will help me start a new and great relationship with my second beautiful Thai Ridgeback puppy. The next chapter start soon...Steven V. Misiano

Melinda Bitz

I wasn't able to submit my inquiry for purchasing a TRD puppy, so I figure I would e-mail you all in the info.
Melinda Bitz
Rahway, NJ 07065
I'm interested in a Blue female, but I would be open to buying a male.
I've owned dogs my entire life growing up. Currently I have a mini pinscher (who is more like a cat) and were looking for larger sized dog to add to our family! I first saw Thailand Ridge back in New Orleans in some one's shop and the dogs were beautiful and had a wonderful temperament. At the time, we were still renovating our home and weren't ready for another dog. Now were are fully moved in a ready for another dog. We both work full time jobs, but I am home for an hour in the middle of the day for my lunch because I only live about 3 miles from my house. I leave the house at 9 come home at 12 to let my dog out , then my sister in law gets home at 2:45 and takes care of the dogs until we get home at 5:30.
I look forward to speaking with you soon!
Melinda Bitz


MIGUEL NEGRON TRD has 6 TRD from me <bigboypr@hotmail.com> wrote:



Well grandpa, another pet lover with a little problem to solved...

Maybe some of my hints will help....

1. Turn a radio on when your not in home,that will get her some confidence and help her to start getting comfortable around sounds and voices..

2. Leave her a toy inside the crate all night, better if you get one with a wiggle or clicker inside,that will be helpfull for the time you want to get her inside the crate...

3. Bait her, I used liver or chicken,they really love it!!!

4. Sleep with her!!!! and ofcourse leave her the toy around....

5. Did you have some park or open wide area???get a rope of 100 feet, leave her run free around you,then start getting her more close to you ''just like fishing'' keep doing this not for less that 30 min..better if you sit on the floor,all animals get fear to things more taller than them, if she see you on the floor she will think your not looking to hurt her......or your looking for something she will start looking the way to get closer to you, just to know what your looking for...

6. Ignore her, never run or get paranoid to get her, remember they are a shy breed and a ''pack'' animal, she always will look foward to get to place back!! even will look for the way to get back to..  Thailand!

Just need some time, you will see change in a matter of days....




Jeanette Husman bought 9 TRD from since 2004 ..here is her suggestion..

Hello Angela,

Let me see, what helped with Lexus???? We had her for a week and it took about that long before she started giving us love within the fenced kennel. Outside of it she was aloof and didn't want to be caught. I find most of my dogs can be bribed, food from the hand only.....and time. I know it is stressful but she may take a month or longer from one step to another.

She may always want to run and explore when off the leash, I don't know because she is still very young. All my dogs have changed over time....originally I couldn't catch half of them and they really didn't want to be caught. Now I can't get rid of them....the second I exit the door they are all over me.

Jeanette Husman in Hayes, VA



Patrica Fleming of Phoenix, AZ got a BLACK female from me about 5 months ago..

Hi Angela,

My name is Trish Fleming, I wrote you a long time ago regarding TRD's. My girl, THAI ANN, is somewhat the sameexact way. (BECAUSE THEY ARE LITTERMATES.. maybe??) She won't disappear on me for days, but she had a habit of getting out and running around my duplex. Mainly chasing stray cats (TRYING TO PLAY WITH THEM). She would do the same thing as soon as the gate was open and she saw a getaway. She would be gone. Frustrating I know!!!!

A couple of times I got sooo tired of trying to catch her I just gave up and went home crying.

I tried everything dry food, food in a can, whistle, hotdogs. etc... Finally I just got to the point where I thought it was a waste of effort and when she would run I would run I would just leave the gate open for her. The time gone started to lessen, but I couldn't stand the thought of someone else getting a hold of her considering the TRD breed is so rare. So what to do?

Finally we would take her to a baseball field with pig ears and let her loose to run as wildly as her hearts desire. Retrieving her in the end with the pig ears (PLAYING FETCH) when we would get her to return the ear to us after a couple of times we would make her sit and then over time she knew we would be putting her leash back on and familiarized herself with the routine. So, then we decided to always show her the leash and make her sit before we would take her out and make her sit before we would go. Trust me, it was like torture, but eventually she got better and knew she was not going to be able to leave unless the leash was on her!

Now even with no leash and the gate wide open she will not step outside the gate!!!! She will sit and wait for you to put her leash on. She's still very shetish of unfamiliar faces and even with familar ones (LIKE MY SISTERS) she refuses to let them pet her or come near her unless on her own account. She has only taken to my kids, boyfriend, and myself which is fine by me. I don't want her to feel she can trust everyone anyway!

She is stubborn and smarter than I could have ever imagined a dog to be. She will paw you and not leave you alone if she wants something. She is AWESOME, and once your LUCY comes around it will be well worth your wait. Just don't give up and be persistant about what you are wanting her to do. Eventually she will break.

We actually live in Phoenix and went camping in Prescott. We bought a harness and a 20 ft. cable cord that we attached to the tent. THAI ANN slept in the tent with us, but one morning my boyfriend took her out (WHICH I BRIEFLY GAZED UP TO SEE HIM LEAVE) Well as I'm in a dead sleep I hear our camping neighbors talking about a dog that got loose and was running around like a crazy. So, I'm thinking "Nah it's not us, Chris went out with her"

So. I roll over to find my boyfriend. I jumped up and started screaming "Where's THAI ANN, what are you doing here and she's out there?" My boyfriend grabs the leash and starts realing it into the tent only to find a chewed up harness at the end. Both of us frantic rush out of the tent with no glases, contacts, shoes etc...

We were in a forest (THAI ANN'S FIRST TIME EVER) I'm thinking the worst I thoughts for sure she was gone then out of no where she comes trotting back . Like she went to fetch wood for the camp fire or something. As she came closer we discover our firewood was actually deer bones!! but at that point she could have brought back the actual deer I was just so happy to see her and amazed how she ever found her wat back to the tent. Sorry to have made this so long.

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

My best wishes, Trish                


Oceana & Me <rachelle812@yahoo.com> wrote: This is Angela Keys TRD in Ohio...

Hi Jack,

Could you please forward this email to everyone as I don't have everyone's emails on my list.

I just wanted to send a quick Thank You to everyone that replied to my email on my BLACK TRD "Lucy"  (Who is not running Loosey at this time). 

I have contacted a private trainer who specializes in behavioral training. All the input was great as well as the personal stories. It surely made me feel better, as did the phone call from Jack in Thailand - assuring me that nobody can catch an escapee TRD, and that they always come home.

Thank You to everyone... Angela Keys TRD in Ohio

P.S.   I just wanted to Thank You Jack Sterling so very much for the best pets I've ever had!  (Jack teared up at this comment) I have one male (blue) and one female (black). They are the smartest dogs I've ever met - A dog that knows how to get back to someplace she's only been for 5 minutes.

Everywhere I take them people go out of their way to find out what kind of dog they are. Even my vet had to add the TRD to her list of breeds.  I am soo glad that I bought pups from you and not someone else. You truly do care about the dogs and about helping the people who buy them from you.  Most people would sell you the dog and then disappear.  

Thanks Again Angela in Ohio


Hello Jack,

This is GREAT!! Look at what you have started!! How comforting is it to know that everyone cares and loves these wonderful Thai Dogs that you have blessed each and everyone of us with... CONGRADULATIONS JACK!! I am very happy to be apart of the THAI DOG FAMILY and have been since day one!

Best wishes,

Trish Fleming TRD in Phoenix, AZ


This guy saw a STERLING TRD walking down a street of Soho in NYC...

Thank You, Jack,

For such a professional, quick, informative response. From what I gather you're a credit to your profession and the type of individual I would like to deal with. I can assure you that I am quite serious about aquiring a trd. We, being my girlfriend and I, have our heart set on a pup, fitting the description I've given you. We live in Soho, NYC, and have two such TRD in our neighborhood. We believe them to be the most beautiful dogs we've seen here, in a community of fine dog lovers. Our apartment however is not very large and we would not want to hinder our companion's health or happiness.

There is a small park on the corner and a small dogpark about three blocks away. Daily outings are not a problem however. I work at night and have all day free and am always out and about. I have been around dogs all my life, dobermans and german shepards, and miss thier companionship. Since I hope to raise and care for him his entire lifespan, I am of course willing to exhibit patience for the proper canidate in my search. But should something arise soon, I am quite eager and ready at a moments notice. I am going to Costa Rica however, July 2nd - 11th. In this city hardlines in the apartment have slowly become a rarity.

Our cell phones do not call internationally w/ the ease of a landline but will call you when you deem necessary.

What time is good for you? What is the time difference?

Again thank you. Eddie Q. in NYC



That was Sir Brian Dumont, one of NYC's royals..and his TRD BRYNNER....who is the coolest... no sorry that term is sooooo 1950's.. BRYNNER is so "FRESH" and is a down dawg! Cool, bitchin', awesome, asteral, or fresh...he is a STERLING TRD


So far, no phone call and no further emails.. Looks like Mr. Eddie is having too much fun in Costa Rico! I will keep you posted if he pursues a TRD in the future.

NOPE... Looks like Eddie got stuck in Costa Rica...not a word about a TRD for him...




OKAY... all is well with everyone.. all the pups are in their new homes and so far everyone is extremely happy. Why are there so many happy STERLING TRD owners??? All my so-called "opposition" is from people who never bought from me, or misguided, misinformed people who are also totally really like "clueless in Seattle"... I have so many happy buyers who swear by me and not at me... ask the "real" buyers and those "real" happy STERLING TRD owners about the TRD they got from me and what their dealings with me before, during, and after they recieve their TRD puppy from me.. Read what Dr. Simaan Shira has to say to Eric Mc Henry who has read this site last Saturday and sent Simaan a email about his new BLUE STERLING TRD female puppy that Chad Haney brought back for him on Tuesday..

Dr. Simaan & wife proud new STERLING TRD owners...

Hey Eric,

I am sorry it took so long to get back with you...I have been busy with my new puppy. Yes, it is the only dog I have now, but we also have a cat and the TRD puppy is doing extraordinarily well with my kitty. I really can't tell you how pleased I am with this puppy I got from Jack Sterling TRD. Everything I read about this breed lead me to believe that they would be headstrong and difficult to train, but in fact it is the opposite.

We have had her nearly a week now and she is almost potty trained, still working on leash training. She rarely ever barks inside unless she is in her crate kennel away from us. I would highly reccomend crate training as this has been much easier than I had expected. The breed is extremely intelligent and Jack obviously socializes the animals very well because she is not skiddish around people or animals. The puppy I bought is a blue female which did have a dermoid sinus cyst, but Jack removed it prior to me receiving her. Her shots were done (rabies, kennel cough and parvo/distemper) previous to me receiving her, as well. The cost of the puppy was $1000 and shipping was $600 including airline crate ($100) from ChiangMai, Thailand to Los Angeles, CA. Shipping from California to Houston was $210.

So, total price paid was $1810 including ALL shipping and expenses. Jack is straight forward and does what he says he will do. I was a bit nervous at first with the whole depositing money into anyone account I didn't know, but Jack is very honest and ALWAYS answers his emails quickly with a ton of information. His website is probably the most complete and informative anywhere on the internet. Feel free to call me if you have any further questions.... Just a GREAT puppy and absolutely unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen. Pictures do not do the puppy justice until you see the color in the sun. absolutely a sweet heart so far.

Anyhow, hope I answered what you needed


Original Message -- From: "Eric McHenry"

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 13:45:00 -0600 >




Here is Simaan's first email about his new STERLING TRD BLUE female puppy....

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are considering a TRD puppy from Jack Sterling you should look no further than House of Sakorn-Sterling TRD. When I was researching who I may find and buy a TRD puppy from, the ONLY person that had relevant information for me and the ONLY person who I felt was NOT trying to scam me was Jack. He will always answer your questions about anything you may want to know or need to know concerning this great breed. Everything that he told me was accurate concerning the puppy that I received.

Also, his website contains more info concerning this breed than I could find anywhere on the internet. If any of you prospective TRD owners have any specific questions/concerns about the buying process feel free to email me at: sshini.2004@alumni.opt.uh.edu 

Dr. Simaan Shira

College Station, TX

Hello Everyone,

I just got back from Thailand yesterday, went and saw my TRD partner Jack Sterling who is the owner of www.ThaiDog.com  House of Sakorn - Sterling TRD

and picked up 6 TRD, 3 are already sold and the other 3 I'm keeping for myself... Jack still has many top quality blue/silver TRD puppies left for sale and he may even have a pet quality one as well.... Honestly, if you want a top notch blue pup then right now is a good time because Jack had 2 litters in Nov 2005 and they are ready and let me tell you it's is rare to have 15 blue puppies to pick from... Just go to www.ThaiDog.com

and see for yourself... You can come see my TRD if you like Sunday-Wednesday (my days off) but I live kinda out by El Centro so you'd have quite a drive... Marie is in Chula Vista and I’m sure would love to have you come by if that’s closer…

Chad Haney

El Centro, CA

This next email is from Mr. Bill White of Norwalk, CT read what Bill has to say about recieving his first STERLING TRD a few days ago...

 Hello all,

I am a proud new owner of a blue STERLING TRD puppy. If your looking to purchase a TRD... now.... Jack Sterling is the man to see. He has several males he told me, just the same as the one he sent me. He was a huge help when I was thinking about purchasing a TRD many months ago. He gave me a lot of information on the breed and  what I will be able to expect. I'am so very happy with my blue STERLING TRD puppy. I am very glad  that I bought my blue TRD from the HOUSE OF SAKORN .                                                                      


Thank you Mr. Bill White in Norwalk, CT for your kind words. It means a lot to me as I have tried for many years to get the right bloodlines and create the right TRD... I have seen so many TRD over the past 12 years and am now proud to say I do have the best TRD puppies anywhere in the world. All the people who have bought my TRD in the past 12 years are still enjoying their STERLING TRD today.

ATB. Jack Sterling


Keep coming back as the Comments and Testimonals will be divided into two different pages soon.. Look for daily and weekly changes in all the currents sites.

Nicole and Shane are planning to get married. They wanted a baby. Shane called me and asked me if I have a super fine blue female Thai Ridgeback Dog one year ago. I told him I had several and he picked out a very nice blue female called INDIGO. They got her at 4 mo. of age and as you can see here all three in this family are very HAPPY..

Meet Miss Jessica Shirley and Mr. Ryan Lynch are also planning on getting married and they have two awesome TRD. They totally love the breed. These two couples can tell you what they think of our TRD from Baan Sakorn TRD.

"Testimonial from Dutch TRD"

Meet WINNER #2 who is currently living with his new owners the Kees Van Wingerden family in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Hello Jack & Jeab,

Winner and Navinee have been with us in their new home now for about four days and they are doing great ! When we return from our daily walks, they already know exactly where they live, pulling us straight to our (their !) home. Winner is already the "King of the pack" and when ever he hears something out of the ordinary he rushes outside into the yard to protect his home / territory. Of course, Navinee follows him immediately. I think Navinee is perhaps the sweetest dog we have ever had... extremely affectionate to all of us (but not to strangers) and so easy to handle.

It is quite amazing how fast they both are in adapting to their new environment and new "rules and regulations" we set forth to them. We were somewhat concerned about how they would do with our little pug dog, but now after 4 days they have no interest in that small dog whatsoever and they just let her be. In the beginning, our older TRD, Julie did not want anything to do with them, avoiding them all the time. Whenever she could she would flee upstairs to be away from them. Now, after only 4 days (and us not allowing her to avoid them), she's doing really well and slowly accepting their presence. Navinee wants to play with her, but she's not yet comfortable enough to do that, but I'm sure in about a week or so they will be playing and running around the yard together.

We again want to thank you both for selling us these two most incredible creatures to us. We all just love them so much and will recommend anyone who wants the very best in this breed to you both. Getting a TRD from Jack and Jeab is the best we could have done. We have been to their home in Thailand to see all of their dogs and how they are raised and saw top quality dogs raised in a top quality fashion. Any rumors or negative stories we were told from people who have by the way have never been to meet them both in person were quickly dispelled. We are extremely pleased in getting our TRD from Baan Sakorn TRD and may buy even more in the future.

Kees Van Wingerden
Dutch TRD


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