Jack sold me my TRD, Samboon, in 1995. He is the best source of this breed. he has been very helpful over the 10 years we have had our TRD. thanks jack you are great.. My mom says your welcome to Thanksgiving dinner again any time.
Bryan Santos - American Canyon, CA


"WOW" Is all I can say about Jack and his dogs. I am so blown away everytime I see my dog.

Jack, treated me right...and sold me the perfect dog...
Richie Blasso - Queens, NY


Dear Jack,                                                      March 5th 2005  

Thank you so much for our new baby girl.  We will never forget the day we picked her up at the airport.  She was so much smaller in person than how we thought she was from your pictures.  We bonded the moment we open her crate and she gave us lots of  kisses.  She did not move a muscle on my lap on the ride home in the car.    When we picked up our eight year old son from school he said "this is the best day of my life" when he first saw Mai Thai.  Our ten year old son could not believe how cute Mai Thai was when he saw her.  She was still a bit timid this morning and by this evening her tail was up and wagging and all of us were getting lots of kisses. 

We were happily surprised when we found out what a great watch dog she is already after only being in her new home for less than one day. She is so clean and odor free.  I am looking forward to my own bounding time with Mai Thai when our boys go back to school.  She is a special addition to our family and a precious joy in our lives.   I am so grateful we found you on the Internet while researching ridgebacks.  You have been so  wonderful with your communication and answering our questions each and everyday for weeks.  We would recommend you to ANYONE  wanting a new TRD. Jack, you will always be special to us.  


With Love, Dana, Jim, Kyle & Travis -Saugus, CA





Jack,   My new email is: knaughtygirl@cox.net    

The other email is used for junking and you DEFINATELY do not fit in that category.   As a TRD owner.........as u well know - and a VERY HAPPY one......Duxbury (or Duc-chi for you)........is the most wonderful entertaining puppy I have ever had.  She is now 3 1/2 years old and never ceases to amaze me with new antics.   I have learned to be polite with please and thank you - or i don't get my way........I have learned that she throughly understands English - and noone can tell me different.  She also can tell time (and my life is NO schedule) - so she lets me know when its dinner time and cookie time........u can set your watch by her - unless we have a time change - then SHE decides the time.   Additionally I have pictures - that i need to sort and send u.  She sleeps with my 16 year old cat on the couch.  She washs the cats ears and plays - very tenderly  I might add - with the cats...so you can't tell me she hates cats.  If one of the cats beats her to HER spot on the couch she backs off and goes somewhere else (wish she would do that for ME)...I get pushed off the spot she wants!  She even does it (backs off) if a cat is UNDER a blanket......cause she is VERY good with her nose.   I have learned that she can be stubborn - but this is where u learn to give and take - I do draw the line......but I always reward her with a thank you.  Makes it better for future negotiations (wink).   She is a slow "waker upper" like me.  So she sometimes "growls" and that tells me she is NOT awake.  She has never attacked any of the other cats, my other dog (a cocker spaniel/golden retriever), she shares her dinner with the cats...actually backs off and lets them go first or she eats with them..no problem.   She plays with the birds in the big cage - but never has been aggressive with another animal that lives here - but if one comes to the cat door/or front door that does not live here the whole neighborhood knows.............thats about the only time she barks like crazy and comes and gets me - motioning with her head (throwing it back) to "come"...........   She is learning to say "I love you"......and "now".........she actually sounds out the words.  Like I said she never ceases to amaze me.   She is tender with eating, taking food from your hand, and a pure lady.  She loves backrubs, cuddling, and she plays "in full force" with anyone who wants to.  

Yep, I am a happy camper......I love my TRD................and if it was not for YOU Mr. Jack Sterling I would not have her.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU............... so very much..  

Sandy Messitt - San Diego, CA


Thai Ridgeback Puppies


Adam   &  REVO 2005

Weena, SIBUA, & Junior

"Clueless in Seattle" bought this awesome male for a mere $1000 and when he was 10 months she discoved he was only sporting "one nut" .. Then all she wanted was her money back..."FAT CHANCE"

Lea Anderson of Pasadena, CA loves her two sons. The TRD came first... and truly loves her second addition in 2001

Adarian Shaw of Long Beach, CA and his true love "Sheena." 2003

Trish Fleming with her BLACK TRD THAI AHN

Stacey Feldman and her two STERLING TRD Trajan and Cleo.. 2002-2003