Hello Jack,

Your two pups just keep getting better and better.  Sakuna is filling out nicely and she is gonna be a knock out.  And BO!!!! Oh my gosh, he is spectacular.  These babies are so smart and absolutely the biggest love puppys.  Talk about people dogs!  I have seen three of your breedings in person and I think they are all outstanding pups.  I would be very proud if I had bred them and these pups don't have to take a  back seat to  ANY TRD's ANY WHERE!! The quality of your pups is evident just in conformation and temperment!!  I also sent out messages to all the members of Thai Family page at www.msnusers.com/THAIDOGFAMILY and asked them to post info re their dogs, and let us know how they are doing. We will get pics going hopefully in the next day. Hang in there and remember you can't please everyone.  Some people just have to put others down so they look better. And in reality-- they are the ones that look stupid!! Your dogs are awesome!

Katie "I know my Redeemer lives!"  



Hi Jeanette! Sure sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal in Germany.  :-( Now you are on a new path and it is great to have you home!! I am so excited to have you getting all set up for the TRDs! YAYYAYYAY!! I would love to see pics of your kennels.  We are re-doing ours also and any ideas would be so helpful. I just love my two TRDs from Jack.  I have baby BO DANG and then a black velvet coat female named SAKUNA.  They are WONDERFUL!!! I also would love for you to post pics of your dogs on THAIDOGFAMILY@groups.msn.com Anyway, good to have you home and hope to hear lots from you soon!

Katie Fortenbacher  "I know my Redeemer lives!"




my name is Trish (Patricia) Fleming. I am 29 years old and live in Phoenix, AZ.  I had been searching for a long time for an addition to our family before I found my "Sidum Mah Thai Lung Ahn" (black TRD) that I just adopted from Jack Sterling.

She is wonderful, very loyal and attentive. I myself am Thai/American. My mother was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but passed when I was 12 years old. I have since have had a longing to have something pure from Thailand. So what better then a TRD.  Not only can me and my boys love her, she loves us in return!! She has been very easy to train so far. She has her moments of stubbornness. but what can you expect (A) She's Asianl and (B) She is a "she".

Here is the best way I can describe my process in finding the right TRD...

(1) Research = Definately do your homework on the breed. Jack has many websites on the TRD breed. Also check out some of the other links for a comparison. Most are duplicates of what Jack has already put out there, but the facts are the same on the TRD breed. Call around and ask vets if they have heard or have any knowledge on the Thai Ridgeback breed. That is my problem now is finding a vet that is going to be able give THAI the best care.

(2) Plan = Figure out if you have the time and the devotion to take on another child. The TRD's are very well behaved and great listeners, but also need alot of love and attention just like a baby or child. If you neglect a child (especially since you have a 6 yr old, you can relate I'm sure.) They tend to do "bad" things in order to get your attention.

(3) Be Ready = Call Jack when you are totally 100% sure that the TRD breed is for you and have your money ready to deposit to pay for your new family member. Once you place your call into Jack and deposit your money, he is ready to send you your TRD. It is a very quick process!!! Thank goodness I live within driving distance from LAX. This is the only straight flight from Thailand to the states. So, be prepared to either pick up your TRD from LAX yourself or have someone there put her/him on another plane to where ever you are.

I'm not positive the actual procedure in recieving the paperwork at Thai Air cargo ( James and Dana would be the best to ask those questions), but I do know that once the plane has landed it's still a few hours til your pup is in your hands. This is what happened with my own personal experiance...

Their plane landed at 9:10AM and we had to wait about an hour and a half for them to unload the plane. James went in once that was done and got the paperwork for the two pups. Once he got the paperwork, he then had to go to US Customs to clear them. Depending on how busy customs are will then determine how much longer you have to wait. We waited about another hour or so. Then when you return with your customs clearance you get to go get your pups!!

Our pups were pretty clean considering how long they had been in their kennels. I don't think either of them "went" at all! They have to get out of the kennels and eat once you have them in your possesion. They are starving by this time! We started back on the road when THAI started freaking out. I put her back in her kennel and she started to bark and then came the smell that caused her to have such hyperactivity!! The whole car ride home was smooth except for that one accident! I've had my THAI now for two weeks and she is perfect!! I have had no problems with her adjusting to my boys or her new home. I hope this helps you with your decision on becoming apart of our TRD family. Let me know if you have anymore questions. concerns etc... I can only speak from what I have researched and my own personal experience. Getting THAI is one of the best decisions I 've very made!

Good luck & best wishes.
Trish Fleming in Phoenix, AZ



Thai Ridgeback Puppies

I am the BEST female in the 3rd and last litter... ChaiYo & Jumpee

Hand etched TRD

ChaiYo & BoDang

Jumpee's 1st litter 01/01/03

Jumpee's 2nd litter 10/21/03

Jumpee's 3rd litter 10/25/04

TRD 400 yrs ago..