Hi my name is Joe, I am looking into getting a TRD.  I believe I got an e-mail from you about Jack's dogs.  Its a very sharp looking dog. I hope you are enjoying your pets. We want to know if the dog is active, easy trained, good with small children, obedient. We read that they are very loyal and good companions. We are not looking for a show dog, we want more of a house/family pet what is the difference in price with a dog with some imperfections? Do the imperfections affect their known personality? Also how did you house train your dog? Thank you for your help, we would love to see some pics of your doggy.


This email from Joe was answered by Adam McClain. Here is what Adam says in his own words...

Hello Joe,

TRD's are great pets. I have had mine for about a month and a half and he is just wonderful. He is very intelligent and learn much faster than any dog I have ever had. He is the top dog of his training classes. He is very active and athletic. On the flip side he is also very gentle and quiet when we are home. He very rarely gets into mischief or chews on things he is not suppose to. He is loyal and protective of me. He is very wary of people he does not know and will bark or growl until I let him know its ok. A natural guard dog I would say. Once he knows people or children he is very friendly. Ill try to answer you questions about price and stuff but you would be best to talk to Jack about that. My pup Revo is a show quality BLUE. he was 2500 + shipping. The BLUE color is more expensive. I know the REDs are cheaper. Pet quality RED might be 500 + shipping. The imperfections to my understanding mainly have to do with markings on the fur and ridge. Or in some cases the dog may have no ridge. I really dont think pet/show quality have anything to do with the dogs personality. Again, Jack would be the man to talk to for more info on this. Revo is still in the house training process. He knows he should be going outside but still has accidents. My main problem is the cold. He really hates it. I usually have to carry him outside. He flew in from Thailand where it was 85 and tropical and I live in New England so that has been my main obstical with him. Once it warms up a bit I think he will do just fine and I am hoping he will be better prepared for next winter. I attached a pics of REVO he was about 4 months in these pictures. He has grown like a weed since but I dont have any new ones. Good Luck picking out a dog! 



Joe never called back... and never bought a dog, but Adam says it is his loss and that he could not be happier with the dog he got from STERLING TRD...


Hi! Jack,                                                                                                    March 24th, 2005

I just got home. Well, when I get another TRD next year I know who I can call on and trust.  Big is the coolest dog ever. Everyone at the cargo pick-up were in ahh! over big. As was I. He is starting to mellow out as far as being comfortable in my home and around me. Dana did a remarkable job.  I can't thank her enough.  jack Thank you for helping me bring this new joy into my life.   I feed him some canidae he ate alittle, but he scoft down the BARF food.  I will keep you posted.    

Thanks Mike Green


Hello Jack,

I should have some more pictures soon. Right now I am on bedrest and have been for the last few months. I'm currently 7 and a half months pregnant with another little girl :). But actually, Duke is how I found out I was pregnant. He is very protective over pregnant women. Normally, if I argue with someone he goes in the other room... but when women are pregnant ( he did the same thing to a friend of mine when she was pregnant) he will hop up on your lap to protect your stomache. So, that is how he let me know when I was two weeks pregnant :). I swear he thinks the baby is his :).

He's AWESOME he follows me every step I take, he stands right by me so I can use him to pull myself up on. He STILL lets me lay on him (even though I'm huge now :) ). The current joke is that Duke's going to be the nanny. I've threatened to teach him to give the baby her bottles :). The sad thing is he would try :). He plays with kids of all ages frequently. Yesterday, he had a three year old sitting on him, he just turned and kissed her. All the kids in the neighborhood LOVE him. All my neighbors and friends threaten to steal him. I've never seen a dog that was so popular. My only complaint about Duke is he's a digger!! UGH!! He goes all over the place with me and everyone thinks he's the greatest. When I was in the hospital I missed him, so I had a friend bring him up to see me :). He even got to ride the elevator, which didn't bother him at all.

After I have my baby and get better I am hoping to get Duke a girlfriend. I can't wait for him to have puppies :). Duke is SO wonderful, everyone should have one :). I can't believe he is 3!! He still acts like a puppy. Everyone thinks he is with the way he acts and bounces around. He also STILL sits on my lap :).


Hugs, Valerie Kapp & DUKE


Here is a email from Brian Dumont to Jim & Dana Hutchins in California who helped in getting Brian's TRD picked up and cleared through US Customs in LAX and getting he re-shipped on a Continental flight...

Dana & Jim,

I finally have a moment to myself to write to thank you both for your service. Dana, you were so right - he's absolutely gorgeous and playful, loving and bright. He held himself all the way to NJ when we took him out of the kennel at the airport. So he does have some real holding power, too. Unfortunately, the weather is terribly rainy, cold and windy in NYC today, so going out to house break is very difficult. Hopefully the weather will break soon, though. Meanwhile, everyone who sees him in the building and on the street is curious, as though we have a little star. Anyway, lest I ramble on, thank you again. You were wonderful and we appreciate your help.

Sincerely Brian Dumont NYC



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