Hello Jack,

Brynner is now a New Yorker...and we love him to death already. Even with all the preparation and pictures, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him..he is beyond words. And the most amazing personality I've ever seen in a dog. Jack, how can I thank you?

Brian Dumont in NYC

Hey Papa Jack,

Just finally got a moment to myself to write. We love Brynner completely. We made it through the night with him in his kennel, though he did not hold himself when Alex took him out. Well, we're working on it but the f'n weather is horrible in NYC today, of course, and poor Brynner shivers when we bring him out. Then he gets too tense trying to stay warm - even with a sweater, so we bring him back in. We did have a victory about an hour ago - he pooped in the doorway of the parking garage of our building. Sidewalk. Good enough for this weather. He's asleep now. Been so busy getting licked and kissing and playing that we haven't even gotten a single picture yet. But believe me we will. And we'll forward some to you. Perhaps tomorrow I will write up some of our story for you to go along with the pics. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm with a celebrity (guess I am) in the elevator, in the lobby, on the street - EVERYWHERE with Brynner. I'm sure you got the same thing but NO ONE has seen a dog like this and EVERYONE loves him. But not as much as we do. I think it's time for a nap now while baby is napping too. Can you believe our neighbors even talk to us now.

Alright, big hug, Brian



Here are a series of emails as responses to a young man in Ithaca, NY who is on a quest in trying to find that perfect BLUE TRD...

Will he buy a STERLING TRD? Only time will tell..!!!


Hello all,

Jack Sterling asked me to contact you all about the quality of his TRD's. I have been looking for a blue male pup for some time now and have only run into James in NJ. I am not looking to show my TRD, but it wouldn't hurt to have one as nice looking as Jack's Sakorn and Sakorn II. I am a bite skeptical of doing business overseas, if you all could give me a little background of how you got your pup from Jack that would be helpful. I found out that the USDA will only allow them to be shipped as early as 4 months, did that in anyway affect the bonding with yuor new pup? does anyone feel that they missed out on crucial time with their newly born TRD's? Also how did they fair from being crated and shipped? My father spent 2 years in Thailand during the vietnam war and formed unbreakable bonds with these dogs during his service. So thats what I am hoping to have. Please share any info about your TRD's and Jack Sterling's House of Sakorn.

Thank you all for your time, and take care.

~Jack Sonnenberg
Ithaca, NY    

(1) Hello Jack Sonnenberg,

My husband and I did alot of homework on this breed.  There were certain things that both of us wanted in a dog.  My family and I could not be happier with our choice.  TRD's are the perfect balance they have looks they are very loyal and loving and are always aware of what is going on around them.  We also wanted a dog that was just pet quality, we didnt need a show dog either.  So few people have seen or are familiar with this breed, so you could tell them anything and they have nothing to compare her or him to.  I can't go anywhere without someone asking me what kind of dog is that?   As far as Jack goes he is the BEST!   He loves what he does, he was so helpful with answering all of our questions.  He is a very honest and trustworthy.  I understand it is a little scary putting your money in someone elses account, but you do not have to worry, he will follow through on what ever is arranged.  As far as Jack living on the other side of the world, was never a problem.   

Best Of Luck To You,

The Dana & Jim Hutchins Family  

(2) Hello Jack Sonnenberg,

My name is Brian Dumont and I just bought a Blue male TRD from Jack Sterling a few weeks ago. I am now the proud owner of Brynner, the most amazing dog I could have imagined. I have nothing but good things to say about him, his beauty, intelligence and, most of all, his personality. The trip had absolutely no effect, as he got out of his create happy and has remained so. Jack does such an incredible job socializing his dogs that there is nothing lost by waiting 4 months for them. My dog is unbeliveably loving and is definitely the talk of the town in NYC. He's become a real celeb. If you ever get to the city, let me know and you could meet him if that would help. In the meantime, I've included a pic for you. Let me know if you have other questions or concerns. -

Brian Dumont

(3) Hello Jack Sonnenberg,

No one can blame you for being skeptical about doing business not only with a stranger but also in a foreign country.  I would guess that all who have bought dogs in this nature have felt the same.  I certainly did.  Here is my story:  

While working at a vet clinic, I went on my lunch break and stopped at AM PM and  I saw this dog lying in the bed of a truck.  I thought the dog was spectacular but didn't know the breed.  It looked like a cross between a Chinese Sharpei and maybe a Basenji. I didn't know what it was, but I KNEW I had to find out.  So, I waited until the man came back to his truck and then I asked him.  He told me it was a Thai Ridgeback.  At  home, I looked the breed up on the internet.  All I talked about for the next several years, was this remarkable dog.  FINALLY I was able to get one.  I had been researching and emailing any and all breeders I could find.  The only one that emailed me with more than just the amount of the dogs, was Jack Sterling. 

He wanted to know more about me and why I wanted this breed. And he also gave me lots of information on the breed itself.  I CALLED him on the phone and we talked for apx. 1 hour.  We then emailed back and forth until he was sure of what I wanted.  I trusted his judgment because I also breed dogs and no one knows their pups better than the breeder.  I then made my choice, put the amount due in Jack's account and everything was set into motion.  When I got my first pup, he was sent with 3 other pups.  One of the owners was kind enough to ship my pup to me from LAX.  When I first saw "BO" in his crate--  I was so amazed!  He was the most awesome little dog!  His cage was clean, and so was he. 

We bonded IMMEDIATELY! and he bonded with my Husband the most!  It was instant love for all of us.  I don't think I even had him a week when I contacted Jack and said  "I want another one!"  Both times the shipment was a non-event --in that everything went very smoothly.  Once Jack has them on the plane, he notifies you and tells you when they will arrive at LAX and the flight number.  Then I called Alaska Airlines Cargo and made a reservation for 'live animal' shipment from LAX to SeaTac.  I paid them after my dog landed at SeaTac.  The only sticky part, is you must to have someone ship you the dog from LAX.  Dana and Jim Hutchins did it for myself and a young man from Seattle.  We each paid them $160.00 to do this huge task.  They are the ones that went through customs to get the pups.  

I have raised German Shepherd Dogs, Fila Brasileros, and Jack Russell Terriers.  I still breed the Jacks.  I have also had many just 'dogs' but I have never had such wonderful animals as these two pups I got from Jack Sterling.  They were both very well socialized and total love babies.   If I had a bit more money, believe me, I would have more than two.  I am totally awestruck by these awesome dogs, and I can never thank Jack enough.  He did a great job raising these guys and they both came in perfect health.   I have nothing against any other breeder, it is just that Jack was the only one that seemed like he really cared.   Would I buy from him again?  In a heartbeat.  Do I trust Jack Sterling?  Absolutely.  Where will I get my next pair from? House of Sakorn!!  These dogs are just wonderful and I wish I had a whole house full of them. 

Maybe someday!!  Everything about my two puppies is of the highest quality.  I also saw the other pup, a very large blue male named "BIG" and he was just amazing. I hope this helped you.  Sometimes you just have to trust someone and see what happens.  I sincerely wish you all the best and would be interested in knowing what you decided.

Sincerely, Katie Fortenbacher 



Thai Ridgeback Puppies

Rose Woodwrd's Sterling's SATIN 

Jack's new fawn male BUALOY..

Jack's new fawn male BUALOY..

Jack's new fawn male BUALOY..

Jack Sterling's new FAWN emale..KIAWARN

Jack Sterling's






My bedroom buddies

eanette Husman going to America with 13 TRD May 17th, 2005

Bangkok International Airport 2005

Jeanette Husman gets good loving from 2 BLUE pups at the Bangkok irport 2005