Here are a few emails from Jack Sonnenberg before he finally got his BLUE TRD:

Hello Jack Sterling,

I saw the photo on the msn site, it literally brought tears of joy to my eyes, I'm looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with him.

~Jack Sonnenberg


       I wired the full amount this morning, so check your bank account. I am looking forward to those pictures. I talked to Jennifer Wheeler last night as well, Jeanette is still overseas so I still need to confirm a deal and everything with her too. Thanks for allowing me to join your TRD family.

I appreciate everything,


Now here is Jack Sonnenberg's own words about his new BLUE TRD that he got May 17th 2005...

I can't thank you all enough for all the time and sacrifices you made through this whole ordeal. Getting down to NYC was a huge pain (4 hours) getting back was even worse as it took 8 hours because of traffic! My pup is doing great, not such a good first night for him, a lot of howling and whimpering. Today I took a nap on the floor next to his crate, now he doesn't bark or whine when he goes in. He is very curious and willing to explore, somewhat independent at times, but others like when I was at the vet today (I already got about 20 what kind of dog is that questions) he sat right at my feet barking and lunging at the other bigger dogs, very dog aggressive but a real loyal sweetheart. He is still coughing, but only when it's cooler outside, the vet has never seen that type on skin problem before so she is trying to research it for me. So in the end was it worth it? I'm sure every one of us wouldn't ever think of ask that question because we all know the answer. Hope everyone's pup is doing well. Jack and Jeanette my hat goes off to you both, if there is ever a favor you need, I would pay you back some way in a heart beat. And to Jennifer for orchestrating this thing from stateside. It was so nice to meet you all, even if it was short lived. So cheers to papa Jack and to the rest of the new Sterling TRD family members.
 Take care and keep in touch ~Jack Sonnenberg



Here is what Kathy Rivera has to say about her SUPER RED TRD female puppy born Oct.25th 2004 JACK STERLING'S MAI-TOO-DANG...

  Wow, what a week everyone has had!

I first want to send my sincere appreciation to Jack, Jeanette and Jennifer.  Without them this would never have happened and we would not have our babies.  I cannot express enough gratitude for all their hard work.

Now for my girl.  She is shy and timid with other people but is bonding at home very well.  She has come a long way in a few days.  As we speak, she is in Mark's lap getting a puppy massage.  She doesn't have a clue to how wonderful her life will be yet.  She is worried about all the strange noises and strange people.

She has a brother (American Staffordshire Terrier - 2 years old) Beauson.  They have bonded to each other and love to play together.  Play is closely monitored since he is so much bigger than her right now.  This is for my benefit and not hers, she goes right back for more play.

She has slept through each night in her crate and has not had any potty accidents inside the house so far.....  She is more comfortable in her wire crate than her plastic one.  I think she likes to be able to see everything around her since she is still timid.

She has her fungus and looks a bit shabby.  I think it is clearing up though.  Otherwise her health seems to be great.  No cough or anything.  She will be going to the vet this morning and I'm sure that will be rough.  I am planning on trying to make it as good as possible for her.  I expect the worst, so I can't be disappointed.  It is better that way.

She is very beautiful.  Her face has so much expression and she loves to be close to us.  She wags her tail most of the time now.  It took a while to get it out from under her but now - happy girl!

I'm glad it is the weekend so we can spend more time together.  Oh the bane of having to work for biscuit money.  Takes time away from what is important in life.

I am hoping that we all keep in touch and will be able to journey together as our babies have.

We are in Delaware, East Coast by the way and here if anyone needs.


Kathy, Mark, Beau and our girl MAI-TOO-DANG in Middletown, DE
Kathy Rivera - Mom
Mark Madonna - Dad
Outlandish Beauson Mate - Am Staff Brother

Best wishes to all babes in their new homes.  Parents, hang in there.


Hello Jack,

I'm glad everyone made it to their homes.  Thank you Jack for TooDang, she is so beautiful and she loves Beauson.  They are really bonding well. 

Her fungus is still healing but coming along nicely.  She has been to the vet and has been spayed also.  She did very well and had her stitches out today.  They love her there.  My vet did some research in between visits on her breed.

What and where do I need to send copies of her vet papers so I can get her registration papers from you.  I know you must be busy with all the paperwork on these pups.  I will want to register her with ATRA also, I will need instructions.  I just wanted to keep you in the loop on our progress.

For stateside, my brother is in the business of making bumper stickers and decals.  I could perhaps help here if you are interested.  I was thinking of having him make me something for TooDang.  I think ATRA is yours but I like the idea of having the ATRA background and each individual dogs name in the foreground.  They would be unique for each person that way and support the Association.  Just food for thought.  Any info you may have in regards to FSS Registration with AKC would be helpful as well.

TooDang and Beauson will be going to a regional semi-pro baseball game tomorrow.  They are having Dog Days and allow spectators to bring their dogs to the game!  Wish her well, she will see a lot of people at once.  She will have the comfort of mom, dad and brother Beau with her though.

She shys away from strangers still, but is very comfortable at home with us.  She loves to cuddle and lick!

Thank you again,
Kathy, Mark, Mai-Too-Dang and Beauson


Thai Ridgeback Puppies

Jeanette Husman inspects 13 TRD puppies eady to go to America May 17th 2005



MAI TOO DANG in the rms of Capt. Jeanette Husman

MAI TOO DANG at Home in Delaware.

MAI TOO DANG and her buddy BEAUSON

Angela Keys 2 TRD

Mom Somkit & Son

Mom Somkit & #1 son KHUN PEAT





Jack Sterling's BLACKJACK

Bahn Sakorn