TRD Testimonials

Testmonial from Mrs. Sabrina Elwood in North Carolina, USA

Hey Jack and Jeab!

We just wanted to say thank you again (I know I've said this a lot lately). Munkaw is amazing! She is so smart and sweet. This morning she woke me up with tons of kisses and cuddles! Even though we only got her on Saturday shes already attached herself to me. She goes everywhere I go.... out to dinner, out in town to run errands, to the grocery store and tomorrow she starts going with me to work. Also wanted to say thank you for going out of your way and bringing her closer to me here in America!

We will keep in touch and send lots of photos of her! We will definitely be a returning customer since your kennel does produce quality well tempered TRD! Whoever says otherwise has no clue what they are talking about since I own one of your babies and am completely satisfied! You can always send anyone our way for a reference!

Sabrina and Antony Elwood
Jacksonville NC

Testmonial from Miss Nouf in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Hi Jack and Jeab,

Hope all is well, I have been been very busy with "Kaleesi." I have been out of town for the past few weeks for work and I just got back. I had to put "Kaleesi" in a pet care provider for boarding for the time I was gone and they were really good. It was good to socialize her with other dogs. She ran away two times from our house and I went looking for her like a crazy woman, but I did find her after only a half an hour. I was so scared I lost her. So, happy to have her back.

One incident was when they left the door open the second one she jumped the fence!!!! Amazing dog.. I took her to the vet after I got her back and he said we have to give her the vaccine again which was a top up so to speak which I did. She has another one in April I will get you the name of the vaccine, but now, I don't think I will give it to her because the guy who had her in his care while i was away advised me against it. I thought I might ask you what you think I get what kind of vaccine is it. She is doing great, my testimonial is below.

" I got my TRD female "Kaleesi" from Jack Sterling TRD about two months ago. I don't know how I could have spent my life without a TRD now that I have her. I've had different kind of dogs in our household in the past a "German Shepherd, a Chow Chow, a Rottweiler, and a Shitzu." But, there is nothing like a TRD. I have never seen a smarter or more loyal dog like this TRD. I did my research before getting a TRD where I saw an image of one on the Internet.

After a long research, I met Jack Sterling online who is by far the most professional of them all. We spoke on the phone for several hours, and we got to get to know each other. He kept me updated weekly, if not every other day with videos and photographs of my puppy until it was time for me to get her. By that time, I felt I got to knew as well already. Everything Jack promised came true and in fact she was even better then I expected. My TRD came to me in great shape more beautiful than I had expected as well.

Today, I am totally obsessed with her as my best friend, she goes everywhere I go. Now, I am thinking about getting a male TRD.. Get ready Jack : ) "

Thanks again Jack and Jeab

All the best to you both,

Testimonial letter from Miss Ruth Buntinx living in Vientiane, Laos

Meet Ruth Buntinx of Belgium woman who resides with her husband and 3 children in Vientiane, Laos. She bought a TRD puppy from another person who was just a "puppy seller" in a market. Within days the poor puppy died from parvo or distemper. Many so-called puppy sellers buy their puppy stock from Thai breeders just wanting to dump the poorer quality that they have and do not spend the money to vaccinate their pups. We make sure all of our Baan Sakorn TRD puppies have all 3 parvo/distemper shots as well as the rabies vaccine. We do not sell any pup until all the vaccines are in each puppy.We sell our puppies at the 3rd - 4th months and not before. All of out TRD pups come with registered papers from the Kennel Club of Thailand (KCTH).

Message #1 dated 9 Feb 2015
Dear Jeab and Jack, 

As you can see NALA arrived safe and sound in Laos. She is a real beauty, amazing! Thanks for taking care of her so good, we will take good care of her too!! 

Message #2 dated 16 Feb 2015
Dear Jeab and Jack,

After having Nala in our home for only one week, we would like to thank you once again for this amazing dog. We knew she would be a good buy, even without seeing her in real life and buying 'online', because I trusted and believed in you as good breeders after looking at your Facebook pages and your  website, plus chatting with you. But, she is even better then we had expected. She is simply amazing. A beautiful, kind, healthy, and strong puppy, already well trained and very social. You really are breeding great dogs! It is really funny, but all of our friends who meet Nala say the same thing: "Wow, she is so beautiful, and so soft (her fur is really soft to touch ;)) I am sure we will enjoy Nala for many years and years to come because we trusted in you both, thanks again!!

We hope to come and meet you both one day in Chiang Mai!

Have a nice evening,
Kind Regards

Ruth, Jan and kids: Vic-Cas-Julia-Anna AND of course Miss Nala!

Two Testimonial letters from Ryan Lynch

LOVE is in the air...♥ ♥ ♥ Mr. Ryan Lynch and Miss Jessica Shirley are in LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

Not only with each other, but with their two blue and black TRD.  Miss MARLEY is the result of a breeding we did here in Thailand on about the the middle of July and she was whelped (born) on September 15th. We waited the 4 months it takes to be able to ship her to them in LAX. They drove their own car from Pennsylvania to California to retrieve their new addition to their family on a week long adventure from about the 14th of January to 20th. Once home this is the result.. two very happy people and two very happy TRD. May you all live a long and fruitful life.

#3 Month Update... 

Hey Jack and Jeab Sterling, here is our "Testimonial Letter" on the TRD we got from you!!!

Jessica and Ryan Lynch checking in here.  Its been about 3 months since Marley's been with us and we couldn't be happier. Marley is the sweetest pooch ever and is becoming a very well trained dog.  I already have you obeying orders "with food of course" such as sit, jump and giving us high fives. She just brings us so much joy since January.  On top of that Marley and her older brother have become so close and seems to be really helping our male trd blossom into a better overall dog.  We are so glad we contacted you back in October about puppies. 

Jack, the four puppies that I picked up at LAX, will always be a life changing memory in my heart. The 45 hour road trip from Philadelphia to LAX was the greatest experience to date in our lives.  We can gladly say that you gave us the best gift in the world. Not only is Marley adorable, but you made everything very easy to understand what needed to get done to bring her back to our home in Philly. We can only hope in another 12 years you'll be here with us to get another world class TRD.  

Jack and Jeab you two folks are so wonderful to produce such great puppies for people all over the world. I think it was well worth every penny that it cost us in getting her all the way from Thailand.  

Thanks again for everything. 

Anyone looking for a Thai Ridgeback Dog as a pet or even a show dog you need to contact Jack Sterling in Thailand as like he says on his website he for sure has the best there is in the whole wide world. Not floppy eared puppies you see advertised from people in Europe, but the real thing, made in Thailand. If you have any questions from a Jack and Jeab TRD contact me and I can tell you what I experience in dealing with them. Not once did we fear about sending all the money up front to a guy around the world. Jack gave us everything we wanted in a pet at a very good price.

PEACE to you both!!!
Ryan and Jessica Lynch
in Philly, PA  USA

The testimonial letter from Mr. Leo & Mrs. Diana Figueroa with their two blue TRD... MIA & YARA
This is my good friend Mr. Leo Figueroa and his two blue TRD females Mia and Yara he got from us over the past two years doing a bit of training at home here in Chiang Mai.. Ask him about our other TRD as well as all of our of our current puppies. You can find him in Facebook under his name as well as our Facebook and Google + pages.. @ Baan Sakorn Trd, Thai Ridgebacks For Sale, Jet Jackson Sterling, Jeab Chobngan - Chiang Mai Thai Ridgebacks...

For years, we have seen the "other" ridgeback breed called the TRD and since we already have a Rhodeisan Ridgeback, we often wondered about the two of them living together. We looked at many websites now on the internet and we wanted the best that we could find direct from Thailand. Once we saw a photo of a young puppy on the website we downloaded SKYPE and had a chat with it's owner. He seem to know more about the breed than anyone else. We then decided on the puppy he had offered to us. He is wonderful, a very beautiful blue male with a very straight ridge. His conformation is outstanding and his coat is extremely short.

He currently lives with us in Poland, but the first winter was a shock to him. He told us these were jungle dogs and he thought he would hate the cold weather. He was right. He did hate the cold weather in his first winter here in Poland. We created for him a special "tailor-made" coat, but he does not like the shoes. He loves the sun and the heat on warm or hot summer days the most. That is why he sleeps in our bed.

He has a very interesting character.  Even though he knows that people are very important because they give food, a nasty part of his character fights back against the obedient one which whispers: "be polite so you will get a reward of a cookie". It took him quite a long time to get used to the new house but once he did it he did it for good.

He did not eat any cat and we still have all five of them. He fell in love with our RR, Enzi. He even helped us re-decorate our house by eating the all the old pillows and blankets making us renovate the antique armchairs. But never mind, they were already very old, ha, ha, ha.

He has his room, in which we leave him when we go to work and he made us understand that the floor needed to be changed also. So, now the wood will be exchanged by the stone or tile. He likes most everyone and loves going for a walk. None of them is too short. He also loves the sand, the beach, and especially the water. so we often to the riverbank near our home. He extremely likes the forest which is very close to our residence,but he prefers the open space to just run. He loves running and playing with all the other animals in our area. 

He has even a great hunting instinct. For example, when it comes to digging out the leaves and other stuff form the earth and then eating them. We had to wait for him a very long time because of the political tension in Thailand in the spring of 2010, He did travel to Poland via USA. But it was worth waiting and we would like to thank for allowing us to be his owners. Thanks to him our beloved TRD has such a wonderful and loving nature and temperament. Despite his long journey, he was able to adapt to all the new conditions he had to face after leaving his home in Thailand. He has grown into a super nice dog i must say. He is very keen to socialize with others and he adores learning.

Even though it is not easy for him in the beginning but we managed to train him into a super TRD today. But all this thanks to you and your stubborn character (in a positive meaning of course!) to send us a dog we decided to take and you promised us to have. We thank you also that you managed to involve your friends Jen and John to travel through the USA in order to catch a flight to Poland. We are happy that Sanoon is with us. His unearthly appearance makes people in Poland go crazy for him.

If all your other TRD are like this TRD you sent us that we names "Sanoon" all we can say to all those other people who are interested in the TRD breed is to buy them from Baan Sakorn TRD without any hesitation or thinking!

Also I would like to mention about good friends and fellow TRD owners who went way out of their ways to help us in getting Sanoon transported to Poland, First there was John Vogh in the San Diego area who drove from San Diego just to help receive Sanoon and then clear US customs for us. Then re-book him on a flight the next day. He had to deal with a new puppy as nice as Sanoon for only one night but has told us what a great puppy he was. We were so happy and relieved to know he was in good hands. Then he passed the transportation off to a very dear and wonderful lady, Jennifer Wheeler. Once she picked him up in Dc we knew it would be only a short time left.. Then she too after a night's rest in her home drove her car to NYC and to JFK airport to get him to the last person a personal friend of ours to bring our Sanoon home to Poland.. We want to personally in public thak all for their parts in helping us get this truly fantastic dog.. He is now a very well known dog in this part of Europe, people often search him by google, Thank you for selling us this dog and thank you John Vogh and Jen Wheeler for all your parts in getting this done.

Igor Chmielewski