The TRD is NOT a breed for everyone...

This is what I saw at Baan Sakorn...

Recently, I was vacationing in Chiang Mai and had a chance to visit the Baan Sakorn TRD kennels. Because of my love of dogs I was interested in this special breed of dog. Unfortunately for me I am not in the position to get a dog of my own right now due to work and travel restrictions. My visit was for purely curiosity and educational purposes and I wanted to find out about why they say on their website in big bold letters that the TRD breed is not for everyone. When I called him and he realized I was American the first thing he told me was "They got Bin Laden"! I had not looked at the news since I was on vacation so that was a surprise to me! I then got directions to him where the original kennel was located. The house has a huge fenced yard with a lot area for dogs but the noise was too much for the neighbors. This location was now limited to the house small puppies which is ideal to keep them separated from the bigger adult dogs. The dogs were a bit wary of of me since I was a stranger but not one dog I saw acted mean or made me feel afraid of them.

Then we drove to the farm where the main kennel was and the bulk of the dogs were located. There the male and female dogs were separated from each other as is necessary. I keep emphasizing the word "kennel" because when a person has that many dogs that is what it is. Keeping dogs separated and fenced in is a must for their own safety. The dogs were well kept and healthy which is an attribute to the amount of work it takes to care for 60 dogs! These dogs gathered around He all positioning themselves for his attention. They seemed more like a large group of pets instead of only breeding stock. Mistreated dogs don't act like that, they run away! 

In response to anyone who has criticized for running a puppy mill you are wrong and need to see for your self before you pass false judgment. Dogs need to be kept in control by not be allowing them to run loose. This for their own protection as well as the people or other animals who may come in contact with them. The statement that they are put in cages is true to a certain degree. In the States many people have their dogs "kennel trained" to sleep in the transport kennels every night. The House of Sakorn kennel is no different except the sleeping kennels are bigger. When you tell a dog to get in the kennel and they obey with out crouching or running away that to me means they are not being mistreated. The sleeping kennel is their "safe place" and there is nothing unusual about this practice. The Baan Sakorn TRD dogs were well adjusted, healthy and normal. He and his staff seemed to be very attentive to the needs of the dogs. When I first talked to he made it clear that not everyone was cut out to own this thoroughbred dog. The fact that he was so wary about the people who purchased one of his dogs showed the amount of concern and love he feels for each and every dog in the kennel. Anyone who is interested in one of the House of Sakorn Kennel dogs will be interviewed for their level of experience with and proof of their love for dogs or they won't leave with one. Pet shops and puppy mills don't care who buys their dogs. That is the difference so go and see for yourself or don't comment! 

I hope to be able to own one of these rare, beautiful dogs one of these days and now I know WHY the TRD is NOT for everyone. 

Todd Cooper 
Robertsdale, Alabama USA 

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Jack Sterling was first person to import the TRD to the USA from Thailand in 1994. 

Jack Sterling 
was the very first TRD breeder in the USA, as well.. 

Jack Sterling 
was also the first TRD breeder to export the TRD to the UK, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and to the island of La Reunion in the Indian ocean. 

Jack Sterling 
has exported the TRD to over 50 counties, provinces and states in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Most of all the people today who are and claim to be a TRD breeder in those countries bought their TRD from me...

Jack Sterling created House of Sakorn in 1997 changing it from his then kennel name of Sterling Kennels.
House of Sakorn remained the kennel name until Jeab Chobngan came and changed all to be the Baan Sakorn TRD.