Why do you want a TRD?
It came to my attention that people in the USA as well as the UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, most of the new countries that was once a part of Russia, and Russia itself are breeding the the pet quality Thai Ridgeback Dog that they bought here in Thailand to Pit bulls, Shar-Pei, Shepherds, Boxers, Bulldogs, and so so many different breeds because why?? They are careless?? Not to make money for sure.. just carelessness and stupidity. The list these mixed dogs as Thai Ridgebacks or Thai Ridgeback mixes.. I saw 9 of them at various ages in PET FINDER a on line pet service trying to find home for this mixed Thai Ridgebacks.. Many have the ears and some even have the ridge... but never a good ridge as the genes are mutated by the other mate who has done the deed. It really saddens me that so many of the some of the people I have sold to have done this and those who had bought TRD from my buyer continue to breed Thai Dog mutts.. Shame on all of you out there. I wished I would have known.. I would not have sold them a TRD.

I have about 5 males 100% TRD that I want to fix before I ship them to anyone who wants them and about 10 females I want to spay before I ship them to make sure non of my TRD are used to only breed to other breeds for a gain of what?? My TRD are all free.. you must pay the shipping and that neutering fee of about $150. Send me $1000 and the shipping and cage plus the neutering fee is all included.. You will have a 100% TRD and as a pet only.. If you want to breed your TRD then that cost is $2000 and up plus shipping and a cage.